My name is Martin, and I am the author and owner of The purpose of this website is to share the knowledge of Scandinavian Yule traditions from its Pagan roots till the modern age. My educational background; I have a Master’s degree in Web Communication and Organization, with a specialization in the Semantic Web from the University of Southern Denmark.

I have razor-sharp abilities in digital communication to convey a message to a specific target audience, but my strongest professional asset is analyzing data, search engine optimization, and growing a digital presence that yields long-lasting results, which creates brand recognition on the web.

I have worked as an SEO Consultant for some of the biggest companies in Denmark. Currently, I work in the area around Aalborg. So if you are looking for an SEO Specialist with a deep understanding of the Danish market, then feel free to send me an email. While I am a native Danish speaker, I can write fluently in both Danish and English.

You can hire me as a freelancer, but I am also available for a full-time job, for instance, for a limited period of time. I am quite agile, and I can work together with almost everyone. If you want to hire me as your SEO Consultant, then you can see my prices at