21 of the Cutest Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

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Finding the perfect gift to buy for a baby’s first Christmas can be a little difficult. Should it be a traditional keepsake ornament or a personalized keepsake? I made a list of what I think is 21 of the cutest Baby’s first Christmas gift ideas. Having ornaments that you can hang on your Christmas tree for years to come, is a fun tradition, and a good way to make your own tree feel like a real family tree.

Engraved Wooden Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake

This beautifully crafted ornament made from wood is my personal favorite gift for a Baby’s first Christmas. It looks like one of those old play toys that the kids used to play with. What is really neat about this keepsake, is that you can get this Christmas ornament personalized just the way you want it.

You can pick the letter on it, for instance, the first letter in the baby’s name. You can also choose the image you want, for example, a reindeer, a snowman, a gingerbread man, or a rocking horse, and yes EVEN custom images can be added to the block. The name of the baby, the date of birth, and the year the baby was born. The last thing is actually a nice thing, many keepsakes already have the date printed on it. So if you weren’t able to get a keepsake for the baby’s first Christmas, you can still make up for it with this one.

The ornament is made from wood, is of very high quality, and will most likely last more than a lifetime. Picking this ornament as the Baby’s First Christmas keepsake is definitely something that you won’t regret. You can order it online from their store at Amazon, this link will take you right to it.

Silver-plated Christmas Ornament

Silver-plated Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake

The first Christmas of a child is something that will be remembered for years to come. Finding the perfect First Christmas Keepsake is not an easy task. This handcrafted silver-plated ornament might just be one of those great gift ideas. It’s a collectible ornament, and every year a new bell is released for Christmas, with a new design, this is the 49Th edition.

So if you start collecting them this year, you can start a nice little tradition. The bell comes in a neat gift box, including the red ribbon, and is ready to go on the tree. The bell is ”Made in the USA”, and it is not some cheap Chinese ornament, you will get quality. I recommend that you buy it directly from this official seller on Amazon, this link will take you to the page.

Baby’s First Christmas Porcelain Rattle Ornament

Hallmark Personalized Rattle Keepsake

This Baby’s First Christmas keepsake is made from porcelain, and the details on it look really neat, and it feels like the quality is good. If you purchase the rattle from Amazon it will come in a little box which makes it easy for gift-giving, this link will take you to the seller.

Boxed Gift Set

4-Piece Baby’s First Christmas Gift Set

This little keepsake gift set is available in both baby blue and pink. The box includes four little glass ornaments, that have one of the following verses written on them. Pink Booties “Baby’s First Christmas”. Rocking Horse “Baby’s 1st Christmas”. Rattle “Baby’s First Christmas”. “Baby’s First Christmas”. This box would also be a great gift for a baby shower or the baby’s first birthday. You can buy both of them on Amazon, this link will take you to the pink gift set, and this link to the baby blue gift set.

Rocking Horse Porcelain

Baby’s First Christmas – Rocking Horse Porcelain

This little cute rocking horse is a great gift if you are unsure about the baby’s sex. The ornament is made from porcelain and decorated with shiny metallic gold, and a red saddle. The rocking horse was designed by Edythe Kegrize, and it comes pre-packaged in a little box. You can order it from their own little shopping page, by following this link.

Baby Girl’s First Christmas Baby Bottle

Baby Bottle Christmas Keepsake

Another pretty baby ornament from Hallmark for the Christmas tree. It was designed by Terri Steiger in 2018, and it is available in blue and pink. The text on it says ”Baby’s 1st Christmas 2018”, however, try and contact the seller the date might get updated on a yearly basis. The little baby bottle ornament comes in a little box which makes it easy for gift-giving, this link will take you to the seller.

Baby Girl’s First Christmas Stork Ornament 

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Storks are associated with fidelity and fertility, because they keep their mate for their entire life, and take exceptional care of their offspring. Storks are often depicted as an animal that is delivering babies to new parents, by flying a baby to their house in a tightly wrapped blanket.

This stork has been hand-crafted by using a technique that originates back to the 19th century. The stork has been made of molten glass, that has been mouth-blown into finely carved molds. It was then hand-painted in either pink like this one or in blue.

The stork ornament has an S-Hook and can easily be hung on the Christmas tree. The stork is shipped in a pretty box which makes it easy for gift-giving. You can order it directly from this seller on Amazon.

Personalized Baby`s Boy First Christmas Ornament

Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Adorable timeless Baby’s First Christmas ornament made from high-quality polyresin. The ornament has been hand-painted and the description on it will be written with a long-lasting permanent marker. You can get this cute baby ornament in either blue from this link, or pink from this link.

Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit

DIY Newborn Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake

If you want to have a truly special Christmas keepsake of your newborn, then this DIY keepsake kit might just be what you are looking for. The kit has two packs of non-toxic clay, which you can mold into rings for your baby’s foot and handprint. The package also has 4 different colors of ribbons to choose from if you want to hang them on your Christmas tree, however, you can also choose just to display your ornaments on the displays that are included in the kit. If you use the seller on Amazon, they will be shipped within the next day, you can find them with this link.

Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament Personalized

Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for a keepsake for your grandchild, then this cute ornament might just be it. The ornament is made from resin and each of them comes with a ribbon, so it can be hung on the family Christmas tree. This cute baby’s First Christmas ornament can be personalized with his or her name, and you get it in either pink from this link, or in blue from this link. Remember to pick up a waterproof marker as well, so they can write the name on it.

Personalized First Christmas Ornament

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Personalized

This keepsake is definitely one that you will love, it is so adorable and the perfect First Christmas gift for a baby. It is really well made, and it has a nice weight to it, so it can easily be hung on the Christmas tree. Talented artists who have nice handwriting will write your child’s name and the year of birth on it, just like you can see in the image. You can choose between a pink version or a blue version from this link.

Unicorn Keepsake

Baby’s First Christmas – Unicorn

This little Christmas unicorn is of high quality, and it has been beautifully hand-painted by an artist. It is available in either red or blue. The pen is included in the box, so you can write your own child’s name on the ornament.

Multiracial Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This cute keepsake is available in baby blue and pink, and you can choose between a White, Black, or Asian child. The ornament is made from plastic resin, and it will not break if it falls down from the Christmas tree. It is a neat and inexpensive little keepsake, that any parents of a newborn baby would be happy to get.

Christmas Picture Frame For Newborns

The first Christmas of a child is something very special, and we want to save every little detail of it. This hand-crafted wood frame is of high quality with engraved Christmas patterns (NOT PRINTED), and a great place to put the first Christmas image of your newborn. You can display it on a table, or hang it on the wall, it has clips on the back for wall mounting. The frame is available in five different sizes, each of them with different engraved Christmas patterns. The frame is available from this seller on Amazon, here is a direct link to it.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament with an image

Heart-Shaped Photo Keepsake

This little cute ornament is a great personalized gift for the grandparents to hang on their Christmas tree for the holidays. It’s easy to put an image of the little gold nugget into the heart-shaped ornament. The quality is pretty good, and it looks a little like a victorian style charm. The heart is decorated with sparkling little jewels, that will catch the attention of anyone. It comes in a little box, so you just need to wrap it before you have it as a present for your loved ones. You can order it from this seller at Amazon, here is a link to it.

Personalized Twins Ornament

Baby’s First Christmas for Twins

This ornament is the perfect gift idea for the twin’s first Christmas. It is totally personalized with the baby’s own name and year of birth. It’s so adorable how they sit in the same jingle bell stocking together with matching Santa hats. The green part of the ornament is very sparkly, and it looks really nice when the lights from the tree are shining on it. You can easily order it from Amazon, this link will take you directly to it.

Baby Girl’s First Christmas Rocking Horse

Baby’s First Christmas – Rocking Horse

This little precious rocking horse ornament is a great gift if you want a personalized keepsake. Its quality made and the details on it are pretty nice. When you order one, you tell them the name of the baby and the year it was born, and it will be put on the ornament for you. There are three different colors to choose from, red, blue, and pink

Baby’s 1st Christmas

Baby’s First Christmas – Wreath

Colorful and adorable keepsake ornament for a newborn. The text is personalized, pick the name and the year the baby was born, and it will be added to the ornament. It comes with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, and you won’t be disappointed with buying one. The ornament is only available in pink, you can get it from this link which goes to Amazon.

Baby’s 1st Christmas Plush Soft Ring Rattle

Baby’s First Christmas – Rattle Ring

A soft little teddy bear rattle ring that the child can play safely with or use as a comfort. The rattle ring has been made from fine fabrics, that should make it last for years. You can order it from this reliable seller on Amazon, here is the link to their page.

Baby Girls’ Newborn 1st Christmas Onesie Costume

Baby’s First Christmas – Onesie

Cute little onesie is for 0-1-year-old babies to celebrate their first Christmas. It’s a 4 piece set, dress, shoes, headband, and legging, and it is available in 7 different styles. The onesie is easy to wash and for changing the diaper. It’s a nice little onesie outfit that the child can crawl around in during the Christmas month. The onesie can be bought from this seller on Amazon.

Baby 2-Piece Santa Bodysuit and Hat

Baby’s First Christmas – Santa Costume

This cute little 2-Piece Santa costume is available in sizes from newborn and up to 24 months. This adorable little outfit feels very comfortable and the fabric seems to be of high quality. The baby will look extra cute in its First Christmas photos which will give you some nice memories and pictures to look back at. The outfit is also available as a snowman or as an elf, so the baby can be Santa Claus’s little helper for Christmas. This link will take you directly to the seller on Amazon.