Best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree 2022

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Artificial Christmas trees have been growing in popularity in recent years, but they are often very expensive, so how do you find an artificial Christmas tree at a low price? The phrase early bird gets the worm is actually not the case if you want to buy an artificial Christmas tree at a lower price.

Some of America’s biggest sale days of the year are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and during the Christmas season, but those days are really not the best time to purchase an Artificial Christma tree. I will explain when and how you can save a lot of money, and still have a merry Christmas with presents and lots of candy and food with your family.

Artificial Christmas tree on Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is one of those days where you can get a sweet deal, and that is also the case for an artificial Christmas tree. Christmas ornaments and decorations do drop a bit in price before the holidays, but according to USA Today, there is an even better time to purchase an artificial Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas tree in January 2023

If you are not in a hurry, the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree is actually in January. Many companies need to clear out their stock, so they are ready for the next big holiday, and having products taking up space in the stock is just too costly.

January is the time for you to strike and buy a high-quality artificial Christmas tree at a greatly reduced price. Taking advantage of the after-Christmas sales will make your Christmas budget last longer, and you will be able to purchase products that otherwise were out of your range.

It takes a lot of discipline to hold back during November and December, but you just got to the end goal in your mind. When you are out shopping during the Christmas season, and you see the price tag on an artificial Christmas tree. Just remind yourself, that this price, will be much lower in January, so if you can hold back on getting a new Christmas tree it is worth it.

Purchase the artificial Christmas tree in January

When I was a student, I had a tiny budget, but I still wanted an artificial Christmas tree for my room. It was probably not the most important thing to get, but it was to me. After seeing all the after-Christmas deals year after year, I figured that January must be the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree.

So I waited patiently through the long and tempting Christmas season. Let me tell you this, it was not easy to ignore the many deals. I did at one point put one of these trees into my shopping car, but luckily I decided to return it before I left the store.

The artificial Christmas tree that I ended up buying in January, is actually still the tree that I use today in my apartment, talking about a good investment. The tree I brought only cost me around $80, and it was marked down from $300, I tried to find the receipt, but I couldn’t. This is a substantial amount of money to save, and not just for a student like I was, but for anyone with a small Christmas budget.

After-Christmas sales in January

During November and December, I know if I just hold back a little, that shiny new Christmas ornament in my hand, can still be mine in January. Besides, I do feel a little sick to my stomach, when I know after so many years doing this, that it is a lot cheaper in January. It has kinda become a tradition for me to browse the after-Christmas sales in January.

Some of the money I save, I either spend on bigger Christmas presents or have some extra spending cash when I go on vacation. I don’t know about you, but buying a high-quality artificial Christmas tree, and still having money left over for drinks at the swimming pool is a win/win in my eyes.

Where to buy an artificial Christmas tree

There are many good options on where to buy an artificial Christmas tree, personally, I pick the easy solution and the place with a wide range of trees to choose from. I recommend that you use Amazon for this, there are many dealers competing with each other, and the prices hit the rock bottom in January. If I were to purchase a new artificial Christmas tree, I would definitely get this beautiful Christmas tree for my living room, it also comes in bigger and smaller sizes than 7 ft. You can get it from Amazon through this link.

artificial-christmas trees
Artificial Christmas Tree 7 Ft

Advantages of buying the Christmas tree early

  • Avoid the Christmas rush and save a lot of money.
  • You won’t pay the full retail price for the tree.
  • Be less stressed during the Christmas season.
  • More quality time for what really matters, FAMILY.
  • Easier to manage the budget for the holidays.
  • Enough time to find the perfect Christmas tree.
  • And figuring out how to assemble it.

Christmas in July

As strange as is sounds the month of July can also be a time when you can find some great deals on a high-quality artificial Christmas tree. In Australia, the coldest month of the year is in generally July, and when the temperature drops, it starts to feel more cozy, like it does during December in the northern hemisphere.

It does not feel like Christmas when it is hot outside and there is no snow for the kids to play with. It is probably the close ties that the Australians have to their European heritage, that make some of them feel that it should be cold or at least colder during Christmas.

This leads some companies to stock up on Christmas ornaments and decorations at the beginning of the summer to meet the needs of the consumer. Since the companies need room in their stock for other products, they will sell them at a lower price at the end of July or the beginning of August. So if you are looking for an artificial Christmas tree in July, and want to save some of your hard-earned cash, this would be the ideal time to purchase it.

However, it should be said, that the variety of trees, is not that great during July. It is the post-Christmas sales in January, that will give you the biggest selection to choose from, which is also at the lowest price possible for an artificial Christmas tree.

Changing your Christmas shopping habits

If you use this method and change your shopping habits, you will be able to save a great deal of money. Focus on purchasing your grocery and Christmas sweets at Black Friday or Cyber Money. Only buy the Christmas tree, the ornaments, and the decorations in January or in August. Make a budget for the entire year, and put the money you can afford aside each month, so you can take advantage of the big Christmas sales, instead of buying it at the full retail price.