19 of the Best Blue Christmas Trees & Ornaments

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This is the perfect list of the Best Blue Christmas Trees & Ornaments if you dream about a blue Christmas, just like the song from Elvis Presley ”I’ll have a Blue Christmas without you”.

Elvis Presley, Martina McBride – Blue Christmas
Blue Christmas Tree Skirt

Blue Christmas tree skirt

It’s actually not easy to find a nice-looking blue skirt for the Christmas tree, which also is of somewhat decent quality. What I love about this blue skirt is that it looks so elegant with the white border of faux fur. The skirt is very soft, and my cat loves to lay on it, it must be very comfortable for her. The blue color looks really neat, it’s not too cold of a color, and it is a really nice touch to a blue Christmas decoration. I’ve not come across many blue Christmas skirts before, and to my knowledge, this one is only sold on Amazon, you can check it out by following this link.

Blue Christmas Balls Ornaments

Blue Christmas Balls

What is a cold and blue Christmas without a bunch of blue balls? However, you should not just buy any kind, especially if you have kids or in my case a cat. These blue balls do not just look pretty, they are also shatterproof, so you don’t need to worry about broken pieces of glass on the floor. These balls are also a good bargain, and you get 24 in each pack when you buy from GameXcel.

Blue Glitter Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments

Blue Snowflakes with glitter

I love it when my ornaments sparkle when I turn on the lights on the Christmas tree. These snowflakes are available in either baby blue or blue, and the hooks and strings are included. There are 36 blue snowflakes in each back, so I kinda use them everywhere around the house, in the windows, on the wall, and of course on the tree. They are sold on Amazon, you can pick up your own pack by using this link.

Blue and Silver Ornaments

Blue and Silver Star Ornaments

These silver and ice blue stars are amazing when you want to decorate your lamps at your dining table. The glitter on the stars makes them look gorgeous when they gently turn and twist and sparkle in the candlelight from the table. There is just something about candles and sparkly Christmas ornaments. When you buy them from Decor365 you get 20 stars that are ready to be used for your blue Christmas decoration.

Western Bluebird Christmas Ornament

Bluebird Christmas Ornament

Using ornaments that look like animals is something that I really like to do. This is a western bluebird made by using an old crafting technique from the 1800s. However, you have to be careful when you use this ornament, because it is made from molten glass, and is very delicate. This bird is just one of many beautiful ornaments that the company Old World Christmas is selling for this festive season. You can check out their store by following this link.

Blue LED Christmas Lights

Blue LED Christmas lights

Are you tired of using the same colors each year for Christmas, then these blue Christmas lights might just be what you are looking for. What I love about these lights is first of all the shape of the light bulb, it looks like a frozen acorn. The blue color on them is cold, but it still looks really nice, especially during the evening. You can buy these from Brizled on Amazon, you can use this link to see more information about them.

Blue Meteor Shower Rain Lights

Blue Meteor Shower Rain lights

I always have icicles hanging from my roof during the winter, and that is one of the reasons why I love to use these blue meteor shower lights, to me it looks like the icicles on my roof. I wish that I had a video recording of how cool they look, but you can watch the recordings from the other buyers on the BlueFire sales page.

Blue Solar Christmas Lights

Blue LED Christmas lights

Blue lights are really a must-have if you want to celebrate a blue Christmas. What I really love about these blue lights is that they are solar-powered, and you will, therefore, limit your carbon footprint. During the winter there is, of course, a lot less sunlight, but you can still expect to get about 8 to 10 hours of light out of them every day, which is more than enough for most people. They are of course waterproof and can be outside no matter how the weather is, you can even use them during the 4th of July. You can purchase these online from VMANOO, you can check out the rest of the details on their page, here is a link to it.

Blue Jay Bird Christmas Ornament

Blue Jay Clip Ornament

These are two little hand-made blue jay clips made from wood, and they look really colorful on the Christmas tree. You can get other kinds of birds for the Christmas tree as well from the company’s sale page, you can check them out through this link.

Blue Glistening Midnight Santa Claus

Blue Santa Claus

When you are celebrating a blue Christmas, then you should, of course, also have a blue Santa Claus. A little fun fact, Santa has not always been dressed in red, so why not have a blue version? This Santa ornament is for the Christmas tree, and it is actually a high-quality ornament, but it’s not expensive. This ornament has been handmade and also hand-painted. It is a little difficult to see it in the image, but he is also covered in glitter, which makes him sparkle when the lights are on. You can purchase him from Old World Christmas, by following this link to them.

White, Blue, and Silver Snow Queen

Blue, White, and Silver Snow Queen

What is the winter season without the Snow Queen? This Christmas tree ornament is very unique and definitely a Christmas decoration that your friends do not have. The Snow Queen has a nice pale skin color, from the lack of sunlight during the winter. The ornament is sold by Kurt Adler, and you can buy them directly from their sales page, by using this link.

Kurt Adler’s Porcelain Delft Blue Bird

Blue Porcelain Bird

If you do not have any cats or kids running around your house knocking over your stuff, then you can decorate your Christmas tree with more fragile ornaments. These bluebirds are made from porcelain, and each of them has been hand-painted. It sounds expensive, but they are actually very affordable. They are sold by the company Kurt Adler, you can check out these birds by using this link.

Kurt Adler’s Porcelain Delft Blue Cup and Saucer Ornaments

Blue Porcelain Teacups with a Saucer

Kurt Adler makes a lot of cute Christmas ornaments, so I wanted to show you these teacups as well. They are tiny ornaments, around 2-inches, with the same blue and white colors as the birds above. Kurt Adler has a huge selection of amazing ornaments, and I would like to recommend you to check out their store, here is a link to this ornament.

Blue Tabletop Christmas Tree

Blue Mini Christmas Tree

A mini Christmas tree is the perfect solution for small apartments or offices. The tree is pre-decorated, you just assemble the branches (which takes one minute) and then you are good to go. It has a very distinct color, and it will catch anyone’s eye, so if you use it for the office, you better like to get attention from your co-workers. The tree is also available in other colors, but if you want a blue-blue Christmas, then this one should be your choice. You can order it online from their store, here is a link to it.

Blue Sequin Tinsel Christmas Tree 5ft

Blue Tinsel Christmas Tree

If you have a little more space in your apartment, then this blue tinsel Christmas tree would be the perfect choice for a blue Christmas. It’s a very nice centerpiece and is not like a traditional tree, it has no branches. It’s a tree that is very easy to assemble, and you don’t have to worry if you had a bad experience with putting something together in the past. You can choose between this blue tree and other colors from their webpage, this link will take you right to it.

Sparkly Glittery Royal Blue Christmas Tree Skirt

Blue Christmas Tree Skirt

If you rather have a sparkly tree skirt for your Christmas tree, instead of the elegant one that I showed you before, then this might just be your style. This tree skirt is 48-inches and the fabric is made from polyester. Again, like some of the other stuff on this link, you can get it in another color as well. I would recommend the first tree skirt that I showed you over this one, but I do like that this one is sparkling in the lights. You can order it from ShinyBeauty, by following this link.

Christmas Pillows with Reindeers

Blue Christmas Pillow Covers

I love to decorate my couch for Christmas, and these pillowcases with reindeer are among my favorites. The pillow covers are 18″ X 18″(45cm X 45cm), and you can machine wash them after use. It’s something nice and something different than what other people do during Christmas. The blue pillow covers are sold by Calitime, and you can order them from their store, here is a link to it.

Blue Snowflake Christmas Pillows

Blue Christmas Pillow Covers

An alternative to the reindeer is this blue pillowcase with silver snowflakes. Again, it is a bit difficult to see in the image, but the snowflakes actually do sparkle a little bit when the lights are on. These pillow covers are 20″ X 20″ and they are made from polyester. These are sold by the company Homey COZY, you can see the rest of the details on these pillowcases on their sales page, by using this link.

Blue Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments

Blue Poinsettia Ornament

Decorating the Christmas tree with these sparkly blue poinsettia ornaments is really neat. They are made from plastic so they are very long-lasting, and you can easily store them till next year. The poinsettias are 8.6-inches (22cm), and they are covered with glitter, so you better love glitter a lot. The fake flowers are sold by Crazy Night, you can order them directly from their sales page, here is a link to them.