Decorate your car for Christmas – Fun & Useful Winter Accessories for the Car

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Filling up the car with useful accessories for the winter season is always a good idea. However, there should also be some room for a bit of fun. This shortlist has a bit of both, it will help you find useful items for your car, and it will show you a couple of fun items as well.

Lighted LED Reindeer Car Costume

Reindeer car costume with lights

Driving around with reindeer antlers on the roof looks pretty cute. It might not sound like the safest thing to do, and you might be afraid that one will fall off and hit a pedestrian. However, they can be safe, if you use them in the right way, and pick a pair of antlers that are safe.

I’ve been driving around with these reindeer antlers for a while now, and I have not had any problems with them so far. The nose and the antlers are easy to put on the car, and the LED lights have an On/Off switch. You can also get the antlers without lights, but I prefer them with lights.

You should only use the antlers if you are driving inside the side, the moment you want to get onto the highway, they stop being safe. Don’t drive above 45 mph (72 km) if you want to be on the safe side. The included batteries do not last that long, so I would get an additional pack of batteries on the side. The antlers are cheap, and you can order them from this seller on Amazon if you want them delivered, here is a link to the one that I used.

Christmas Bling Car Interior Accessories

Christmas bling for the car

This fun little Christmas tree is the perfect bling when you want to decorate your car for Christmas. When you drive around in your car when it is dark, it shines so pretty when other people’s car lights hit the tree. It can be a fun little gift for a friend, they are easy to install, and you don’t even need any tools you just put it on the air vent, and you are good to go. I ordered it online, and it came quite fast, I used this seller on Amazon, here is a link.

LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener

Christmas tree air freshener

Using a Christmas tree air freshener is another great method to decorate the car for Christmas. They get you in the holiday spirit, and the pine scent from them fills up the entire car. The scent is not too strong, and it doesn’t smell like chemicals. I actually loved these so much, that I hid one of them behind some of the branches on my artificial Christmas tree.

These ones are MADE IN THE USA, and you help support your fellow Americans in keeping their job. If you ask me, I rather spend a few cents more on American products than on foreign ones, however, this is not always an option as you know. You can get them on Amazon as I did, here is a link.

Windshield Snow Cover

Windshield cover – ANTI Frost

Getting up in the morning to scrape your windows clear of ice, is not the most motivating thought when you need to get to work. If you get this windscreen for your car this winter nightmare will end, and you can do what most of us want, sleep for another 15 minutes.

If you get this windshield cover, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing it from your car. It is ANTI THEFT, the panels on it are closed on the inside of the car. There is also no need for any tools, it takes 1 minute to put on and you can get inside your cozy warm house again. If you want this exact one, you can get it on Amazon, just follow this link.

Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit

Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit

Having an emergency kit in your car is actually a good thing to have all-year-around. Small accidents happen every single day, and when it is winter it can take longer for help to arrive. This emergency kit has the tools you need to help your loved ones and other people in need.

It is a nice little all-in-one solution, it has a first aid kit, jumper cables, a flashlight, a roadside warning sign, and many more useful tools as you can see in the image. A roadside emergency kit is a GREAT gift if you have a teenager, and you want to feel a bit better when they are out driving around in the snowy winter weather. I recommend that you get this kit, and don’t waste your time getting each of the individual items. When you order it from Amazon you get it in this little blue bag, this link will take you right to it.

Extendable Snow Brush with Squeegee & Ice Scraper

Easy-to-use ice scraper

The task of scraping ice from the car windows is really not that fun, and if you have to do it, it might as well be easy. Before I go for my windshield cover for my car, I used this exact model. I liked it because you don’t need to push too hard, and it is possible to extend it if you just want to brush some of the snow off the window. I would not recommend extending it to scrape the ice off the window though. I always have one of these in my car, it is nice to be prepared for winter, you can order this one from Amazon, by following this link.

Aluminum Snow Shovel

Snow shovel

Having a snow shovel in the car is a good idea, for when you are out driving in the snow. Digging the car free from snow can save lives, and you can’t really put a price on a life. A shovel is one of the accessories that any person who wants to prepare for winter should have. Unpredictable things happen all the time, and you don’t want to stand in the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter. This shovel is a great additional accessory for your emergency kit, you can order one from Amazon, here is a link to this one.

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie’s RV Accessory Figurine

The RV from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

If you love the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation movie and like to make Christmas decorations around the house, then you will probably like this figurine. This is cousin Eddy’s RV which he uses when he travels with his family to visit the Griswolds.

It’s a pretty cool Christmas decoration, and what I like the best is that you can switch on the tiny lights on it. You can choose to use either AAA batteries or an AC/DC adapter. It is a bit pricy, but I think it is worth it, and it does make a great gift for someone who loves Christmas but never has any wishes… You can order it from Amazon, this link will take you right to it.

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation The Griswold Family Tree

The Griswold Family Car with a Christmas tree

Remember the scene when Clark and his family travel out into the woods to get their Christmas tree? He wanted to find the biggest tree of them all, and they walked around the forest until his family was nearly freezing to death.

This figurine is perfect for a Christmas decoration, it does not have lights like the RV, but it is still neat. The company that is called Department 56 sells many more different kinds of National Lampoon Christmas ornaments, you can check them out, including this one, by following this link.

Airblown Lighted Mater with Reindeer Hat and Present

Airblown Lighted Mater with Reindeer Hat and Present

Impress your neighbors with this cute airblown car with a reindeer hat, just like the antlers on top of this page. The car self-inflates and will be ready in a matter of moments. It is a fun outdoor Christmas decoration and the kids love it. You can see more images and read the rest of the details of the car, by using this link to Amazon.