33 GREAT Christmas & Birthday Gifts for Fish Lovers

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If you have come here for some of the best gift ideas for fish lovers, then you found the right page. I’ve made a list of 33 GREAT pet fish gifts, that every aquarium owner will love to own. Regardless if you have seen the aquarium of the person you are looking to purchase a gift for or not, you are bound to find one or more items on my list of fish-themed gifts.

Bubble Car Ornament for the Aquarium

Car ornament for the fish tank

This small car for the aquarium is really cute, and it looks great in both small and big aquariums. This car is made from Eco-Friendly and non-toxic materials, and it won’t contaminate the water. If the car is placed on top of an oxygen pump, the car will make small bubbles in the water, which looks really neat. It is available from Amazon through this link.

Big Heart – Aquarium Decoration

Aquarium Heart Ornament

Small bright and eye-catching heart that will conquer the heart of any fish lover. The heart ornament is made from very high-quality materials, and the colors won’t fade away. The heart is not big enough for the fish to hide behind it, but any small to medium-sized fish can swim through the center of the heart. The ornament is available from Amazon through this link.

Roman Column Ruins – Aquarium Decoration

Roman Column Ruins for the Aquarium

These ruins of the ancient Roman columns will make any fish lovers fantasy wanders. Could these ruins be a small version of the lost Atlantis underwater? The Roman Column ornament is made from very high-quality materials, and the colors won’t fade away. The ornament is available from Amazon through this link.

Head Sculpture Decoration for the Aquarium

Ancient Head Centerpiece

The head is big enough to be a centerpiece in a small to medium-sized aquarium. The head is big enough for the fish and snails to hide inside of it. If you decorate the head with some live moss, you can really make the head stand out. The ornament is a nice gift for any fish lovers, and it is available from Amazon through this link.

Cambodian Temple Ruins – Aquarium Decoration

Angkor Wat Fish-Themed Aquarium

Add these beautiful Cambodian temple ruins to the fish lovers’ aquarium. It has been handcrafted with an eye for detail that makes it look life-like. The fish ornament is non-toxic, and it is safe to use in any fish tank. The ornament is surely going to impress any fish keeper, and they will love to get it as a gift. The temple is available from Amazon through this link.

Ancient Buddha – Aquarium Decoration

Ancient Buddha for the fish tank

A small Buddha statue is not just for the table, but also for the fish tank. This handcrafted Buddha is not only of high quality and non-toxic, but it also looks very realistic. It is a great gift for aquarium owners, that love to have an Asian fish-themed aquarium. If you add some moss to the ornament, it will really make it fit into the environment in the fish tank. The ancient Buddha ornament is available from Amazon through this link.

Ganesha Statue with Moss – Aquarium Decoration

Authentic Ganesha Ornament

Handcrafted Ganesha ornament for the aquarium, with attention to detail and of durable quality. The fish ornament is non-toxic and adds and mysterious feel to the environment in the aquarium. It is a really nice gift for fish lovers, and it is available from Amazon through this link.

Thai Warrior – Aquarium Decoration

Thai Warrior Ornament

This Thai warrior will stand guard, and it will look like it protects your fish from invaders. Every single of these ornaments has a life-like appearance and unique features because they were handmade. It is non-toxic and safe to use in any fish tank. It is a great pet fish gift, that will add a lively feel to the fish bowl, it is available from Amazon through this link.

Ancient Stone Head Ruin Aquarium Ornament

Unique Stone Head Fish Ornament

The stone head ornament is perfect for an Indiana Jones-themed fish tank. Add an aquarium air pump beneath it, and watch how the bubbles shoot up from the hole in its head. A lovely gift for any fish lovers, no matter if it’s Christmas or their birthday, this is the Amazon link for it.

Stone Heads – Aquarium Ornaments

Easter Island fish-themed gifts

The Easter Island stone heads are the perfect gift for any fish lovers. The heads will easily fit into a small fish bowl, and if you have a medium or large aquarium, you can fit in a whole row of them. The heads add a beautiful and mysterious underwater scenery, that is safe for the fish. The Moai heads will also look awesome in jungle-themed fish tanks. You can get these mysterious stone heads on Amazon through this link.

Groot from Marvel – Aquarium Decoration

Groot fish tank ornament

This is a must-have for any fish lover that also is a Marvel fan. This ornament has the appearance of the character Groot who has been in the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. It is made from ECO-Friendly resin materials, it is non-toxic and non-pollutant, and the colors won’t fade. If you connect an aquarium air pump beneath it, air bubbles will shoot up from its head. You can get this adorable aquarium gift from Amazon through this link.

LED Glass Aquarium Kit for Starters

Aquarium for Starters

The aquarium is great for starters and it comes with an internal power filter pump, and one colored LED aquarium light. The glass is curved which is really unique, and the 3D background really makes the fish tank stand out from the rest. The tank holds up to 8 gallons which is considered a small aquarium, and a good starter aquarium.

Your kid will absolutely love this aquarium, and it is a great gift for anyone who wants to start as a fish keeper. All the items are shipped together from a highly reliable company on Amazon, you can check all the details for the aquarium through this link.

Police Box Aquarium Decoration

Police Box Decoration for the aquarium

This cute hand-painted police box for the fish tank will add a modern look to the underwater environment. The ornament has a unique detailed design that will slowly age and changes its colors into a greyish-blue antique color. The opening on the box is wide enough for your small fish to swim through it. This aquarium decoration is a great gift for fish lovers, and you can purchase it from Amazon through this link.

Aquarium Volcano Ornament

Aquarium Volcano with air bubbles

This active volcano is pretty cool, it has multi-colored LED lights that keep changing while colored air bubbles shoot up through its top. The bubbles also help oxygenate the water which improves the living conditions of the fish. The volcano is safe for your fish, it is non-toxic and ECO-friendly. The Volcano decoration is sold without the air pump, so you need to purchase one of these as well. Remember to pick a trusted and reliable seller, I found one on Amazon that sells them in the best quality, you can see more about this volcano by following this link.

Tree Trunk with Hole Aquarium Decoration

Tree Trunk for the aquarium

This HUGE artificial tree trunk is the perfect gift for a fish lover. The tree trunk is made from safe, non-toxic materials, that are compatible with salt or freshwater. The tree trunk is really massive, and the big hole provides shelter for the fish which reduces their stress.

If you want, it is possible to add an air pump beneath it, which looks neat when the bubbles come out from the top of the tree trunk. Normally a huge aquarium decoration like this would be quite pricey in the stores, but I found a seller on Amazon that sells them for a reasonable price, here is a link to the tree trunk.

Shipwreck Aquarium Decoration

Shipwreck decoration

This colorful shipwreck with a red and white striped sail is a nice gift for fishkeepers. The sunken ship would make a great add-on to a pirate-themed fish tank. The ship is really pretty, notice the small hand-painted details, it has a small anchor and canon holes.

The shipwreck is big enough for small fishes to hide inside of it. The ship is actually pretty big, and you should at least have a medium-sized fish tank if you want to use this aquarium decoration. Be careful who you buy it from, not all of the sellers have the same quality. I recommend this seller on Amazon for the shipwreck, you can check it out by following this link.

Crashed UFO with Cave Aquarium Ornament

Crashed UFO with cave

Want a Sci-Fi themed fish tank, then this crashed UFO is the perfect decoration. The UFO is not that big only about 3 inches long and approx 2 inches tall. However, it still has room enough for a Betta to hide in.

The UFO looks like it crashed into the ocean, hundreds of years ago. The UFO has slowly begun to rust, and the colors have started to fade. Maybe some of the aliens are still living inside the ship, and trying to fix it? The crashed UFO is pretty cheap, but it would be a great gift for a fish lover if you are on a budget, you can purchase it through this link to Amazon.

Medieval Castle Aquarium Ornament

Medieval Castle Ornament

Do not be fooled by the image, this castle is HUGE, and will make the perfect centerpiece for a medieval-themed aquarium. Bettas can swim in and out of the different doors of the castle, and hide in the small corners which reduces their stress.

The aquarium ornament is of high quality, and it was designed to be used for both fresh and saltwater. The castle is as I said huge and it will be way too big for a small fish tank of 10 gallons or less. The details and the measurements can be seen on the product page, here is the link that will take you to Amazon.

Small Treasure Aquarium Ornament

Fish Tank Treasure

A pirate-themed fish tank needs a treasure, and this small ornament is a great choice. The treasure will provide some neat colors to an otherwise bleak underwater world. The ornament is not that big, and there are no openings for the bettas to hide inside of it, therefore is no risk of them being stuck. The treasure is also not that pricy, and it would make a good gift for a fish lover for Christmas or their birthday. You can check out the price and the details by following this link to Amazon.

Dragon Skull – Aquarium Decoration

Dragon Skull

A dragon-themed aquarium needs a dragon, or in this case a dragon skull. The ornament is of a decent size for its price, and it would look awesome in a fish tank that is medium and up. It can also work in a small aquarium but it would take up quite a bit of space.

The dragon skull is of very high-quality and the small details on it look amazing. It looks like it has sharp edges, but they are not sharp at all, so your bettas will be safe. The ornament would make a great gift for any fish lover that is into dragons, wizards, or a d&d themed aquarium. You can purchase it from Amazon by following this link.

Glowing Jellyfish Aquarium Decorations

Glowing Jellyfish for the aquarium

Glowing jellyfish is a cool addition to a fish tank, and it adds to the excitement of watching the fishes. The jellyfish are colorful and each of them comes in its own color, yellow, red, blue, green, orange, and purple. These glowing jellyfish will swim around in the aquarium, and it really looks like they are real, unless you know they are fake, you can probably not tell the difference. They are made from soft silicone, which won’t hurt your bettas, and they will last for a long time.

The glowing jellyfish looks best in an aquarium that uses blue and white light, blue light, or purple light. They come in a perfect size, so they can be used in fish tanks of all sizes, although if you have a small one 8 gallons or less, I would recommend using 2 or 3 at the time. These glowing jellyfish would make a GREAT gift for a fish lover, you can see more images of them on the product page by following this link to Amazon.

Glowing Artificial Mushroom Aquarium Decoration

Glowing Mushrooms for the aquarium

A fish tank can look bleak, however, if you add these neat artificial glowing mushrooms it will spice up the colors in the aquarium. The mushrooms are made of soft silicone, and they will move back and forth with the small waves in the water. They look extremely realistic and natural, and they can be used by the fish as a small shelter.

The glowing mushrooms look the best if you use blue and white lights in the fish tank, but blue light or purple light will also make them look neat. However, they do not glow in the dark. The mushrooms are of a decent size, and they can be used in all sizes of fish tanks. They will make a great gift for a fish lover, that needs a bit of color in their bleak underworld environment. Check the price and the measurements on Amazon, by following this link.

Glowing Mushroom Coral Lotus Decorations

Glowing Lotus Leaves

The glowing lotus leaves are made of soft silicone and they are safe for fish. The lotus flowers look very realistic and natural and really enhance the visual appeal of the fish tank. Your bettas can even use the small lotus leaves to hide behind, which looks really cute.

They are easy to install and remove in the tank, just like the glowing mushrooms, it is fixed to the bottom of the fish tank by using the sucker. The packages include 6 lotus leaves, and 3 different lotuses, which makes the environment look more vibrant and bright, they even swing back and forth with the motion of the water. The glowing lotuses do not glow in the dark, you need to use blue and white lights in the fish tank, or blue light or purple light to get the best effect. See the price and the rest of the details, including more images of them in an aquarium, by following this link to Amazon.

Betta Fish Christmas Tree Ornament

Betta Fish Christmas Ornament

Anyone who is a fish lover would be happy to receive this Betta as a Christmas gift. The Betta is glass blown and crafted by using age-old traditional techniques that originate in the 1800s. This Betta ornament for the Christmas tree is one of those unique gifts, that a fish keeper might not have thought about buying. While it looks pricy, it is actually pretty cheap, and it could be a wonderful gift for a friend or a co-worker who always talks about Bettas. If think it might be a good gift, then you can see more on Amazon, by following this link.

Pufferfish Christmas Tree Ornament

Pufferfish Christmas Ornament

A Pufferfish really is one of those cute fishes, that I wish I had in my aquarium, but luckily for me, I can just hang one on my Christmas tree. This pufferfish is one of the gifts that you can give to someone who never has any wishes. That is if they love to fish, or is fish keeper themselves. You can see more info about this pufferfish ornament on Amazon, by following this link.

Largemouth Christmas Tree Ornament

Largemouth Bass Christmas Ornament

It is not everyone that has luck when they go fishing, but everyone that has a hand full of coins can purchase this largemouth bass Christmas ornament. It is handcrafted and one of those unique gifts for a fish lover, or someone who wants a fish-themed Christmas tree. See more details about this fish, and others like it, by following this link to Amazon.

Aquarium Plants Bundle

Aquarium Plants

A rich and healthy aquarium really needs to have a mix of plants. When you use plants in the aquarium they will help clean the water and reduce the nitrite, which makes it a better environment for the fish to live in. Aquarium plants can be a great gift for a fish keeper, however, be aware of the temperatures, and only order aquarium plants if the temperatures are above 20F and belove 100F. You can order it from Amazon, by using this link.

Submersible Water Pump – Ultra Quiet

Water pump for the aquarium

This little water pump is a great choice if you want a pump that is ULTRA-QUIET. It is not everyone minds the noise from a water pump, but for some people, it can be annoying. It is designed for small to medium-sized aquariums and is able to make different water flow effects. See more details about it on Amazon, by using this link.

Digital Aquarium Thermometer

Digital Aquarium Thermometer

Make sure that your aquarium has the right temperatures for the fish that you keep. This digital thermometer is one of the best, and it actually comes at a cheap price, a perfect little gift for a fish lover. See more details about it on Amazon, by using this link.

Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner

Mag-Float Aquarium Glass Cleaner

This is one of the small fish tank gadgets that I loved playing with as a kid. However, it does actually have a purpose besides being used for fun and games. This little magnet will help clean the glass of your aquarium. Glass cleaner magnets sometimes lose their effectiveness with time, which makes a nice little gift for a fish lover. See more about it, by following this Amazon link.

Aquarium Air Pump

Aquarium Air Pump

Is your friend’s air pump getting old and making a lot of noise? Then it might be time to get a new one. This aquarium air pump comes at a great price, which makes it a great birthday or Christmas gift. It can be used for both Freshwater, and saltwater, see more details about it on Amazon, by using this link.

Aquarium Heater with Digital Thermostat

Aquarium Heater

The aquarium needs the right living conditions for the fish that you want to keep. This aquarium heater with a digital thermostat will help regulate the water temperature for your Bettas. It is a little expensive but would be a big gift for a fishkeeper. See its details on Amazon, by following this link.

Aquarium Fish Net

Aquarium Fish Net

A good quality fish net does not need to be expensive. This fish net for the aquarium can handle fish of almost any size. No matter if you have a small, medium, or large fish tank, this is a must-have. If you have a small budget and want to buy something useful for your fish lover friend, then this is a safe choice. It is one of the best nets out there, and it will handle the fish with care. See more about it on Amazon, by using this link.