17 Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for your Friends Under 10 dollars

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This list of 17 Budget-Friendly Christmas gift ideas, has been made for people who have a small Christmas budget but still want to buy a nice Christmas gift for their friends. You might ask yourself, can I even get something for less than $10 to give as a Christmas gift, and my answer is yes, you definitely can.

Car Phone Mount

iPhone mount for the car

A smartphone can do pretty much everything these days, and many people use them to listen to music, and podcasts or find directions when they are driving around in the car. This $10 iPhone mount is flexible and easy to mount anywhere in the car. It is compatible with most smartphones and it has a 360-degree rotation. You can read the rest of the details on the sales page on Amazon, by following this link.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB Memory Card

32GB Memory Card

A memory card is another affordable Christmas gift when you are on a small budget. A memory card can be used for lots of stuff. It can be put into the smartphone for extra memory, or in a camera if your friend is a camera lover. A 32GB memory card is considered a medium-sized card and has a lot of space for apps or photos. I noticed that Amazon has some of the best prices on these 32GB memory cards, and you will be able to save a buck or two, you can check the current prices on it, by following this link.

Fitness Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

Do your friend love to do fitness? Then maybe a simple Christmas gift like a skipping rope would be a nice gift. This skipping robe is Amazon’s choice for a reason because unlike other ropes this one won’t twist in strange ways. The rope is 9 feet long, but your friend can easily adjust it according to their height. The price of the skipping rope is currently $10, you can check out if the price is still the same by using this link.

Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner

Coconut Whipped Creme – Leave-in Conditioner

Beauty products are great for gift-giving, and they do not have to be expensive for your friend to love it. This leave-in conditioner does not only smell very nice, but it also gives your hair a soft feeling. A friend of mine who is an Afro-American told me that it can be hard to find the right product for her hair. But she said that this conditioner was really great, and she uses it often. I don’t know if this product is sold at your local stores, but you can order it from Amazon, here is a link to it.

36 Pcs Premium Hair Bands

50 pcs of Premium Hairbands

Why do hair bands always seem to disappear when you need them the most, do they grow their own feet with time? Does your friend always complain about her hairbands disappearing, then this pack with 50 hairbands might just be a nice Christmas gift for her. It’s another budget-friendly Christmas gift, and you can buy the package on Amazon for $10.

Jar Candle Scented Orange Vanilla

Candle with Orange & Vanilla Scent

When it is cold and dark outside, people often long for summer. Lighting a candle with the scent of summer can ease this longing and help with the winter depression. This candle has a delicious smell to it, and best of all it is a budget-friendly Christmas gift for a friend. You can purchase candles pretty much everywhere, however, this candle is as far as I know only sold on Amazon, here is a link to it.

12 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug Coffee

Cute & Colorful Mug

Does your friend have shelves full of diverse mugs? Then maybe this mug that comes in a wide range of colors could be a nice addition to their collections of mugs. This cute mug is made from stainless steel, and it comes with a lid, that will keep the beverages warm for up to 6 hours, or cold for up to 9 hours. The mug is only available on Amazon, this link will take you to the seller.

Colored Drawing Pens

Colored drawing pens

Drawing pictures can be a nice way to relax, and maybe that is something that your friend loves doing. If so, then this would be a perfect Christmas gift to give your friend, while still keeping your budget-friendly Christmas budget. These particular drawing pens come in a set of 18 different colors, and they can be bought on Amazon by following this link.

Rope Toys For Small to Medium Dogs

Dog toys

Give your friend a Christmas gift for their dog. Dogs love to play with toys, and because they love chewing on them and tossing them around, new toys always have to be bought. If your friend has a dog, they will love to get toys for their dog as a Christmas gift. It not only shows that you know a lot about them as a person, but also that you care for their dog. Dog toys can be bought in most stores across the US, however, you can also just order one from Amazon, this seller has a good selection of dog toys.

Interactive Toy for Cats

Cat toys

Just like a dog, a cat loves to play every day with a toy. There are many different kinds of toys for a cat, so which one should you choose? Personally, I think that this 3-tier tower with a ball on each level is a great toy for a cat. My cat played with it every day for months, and it never broke. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly Christmas toy for a cat, then this might just be what you are looking for.

Fairy Wren Christmas Tree Ornament

Old World Christmas Ornaments

Some people love to decorate their Christmas tree with ornaments as they were made back in the old days. This Fairy-wren is a glass-blown Christmas ornament, and it was made with techniques that originate back to the 1800s. It’s a very unique Christmas gift, still around the budget of $10. These kinds of ornaments are made by the company Old World Christmas, and they have their store on Amazon, this link will take you to it.

Mini Artificial Christmas Tree

Mini Artificial Christmas Tree

This tabletop Christmas tree is a nice little gift for a friend. When we go to visit a friend for dinner, we often bring a bottle of wine as a gift. However, now it is Christmas, so I think it is better to give them something Christmas-related. It’s a cute mini Christmas tree, and it comes in either red or golden colors. I bought mine from this seller on Amazon.

Premium Wine Aerator Pourer

Premium Wine Pourer

If your friend loves to drink wine, then give them this premium wine pourer. This wine pourer will put an end to the annoying wine bottle drip spills on the table while adding an exclusive and classy feeling to the dinner party.  I think it is the perfect budget-friendly Christmas gift for a wine lover and a gift that they will truly love for many years to come. You can order it directly from Amazon, here is a link to it.

24Pcs Norse Runes for Beard or Hair

Beads with Viking runes

If you have a friend that loves everything that has to do with the Vikings, then this set with 24 pieces of different Viking runes might just be something they would love to get for Christmas. The beads can be used for the beard or in the hair. The beads are made from high-quality materials, and they come in a great-looking Viking pouch. This is not something that you can buy in your local store, they are only sold online, and this seller is one of them.

Magical Norse Runes Padlock

Magical Viking Runes

Give your Viking lover friend a padlock with magical Viking runes as a Christmas gift. It is definitely something that they have not thought about, and it is a perfect gift to give them, that shows that you care about their interests. I have only seen this padlock being sold on Amazon by this seller.

Infinity Cube for Kids and Adults

Infinity Cube Fidget

Is your friend often stressed at work or are they trying to stop smoking? Then this little infinity cube might be something they would love to play around with. No more nail-biting or knuckle cracking, this toy will keep their hands busy. It’s sold by the Small Fish company.

Harry Potter Card Game

Uno with Harry Potter

This Harry Potter card game is for the fan who has everything. Does your friend collect everything that has to do with the Harry Potter genre? This might be one of those things that they do not already have, and the best part of it, it’s budget-friendly. You can buy it from Mattel Games, here is a link to it.