21 Great Christmas Gifts for a Cat Lover

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When it is Christmas, many cat lovers like to give their cats a Christmas gift. Regardless if you are a cat lover, or if your friend is one. This list of Christmas gift ideas for cats will help you find the right gift for the cats. Cats may not understand what Christmas is, but they definitely understand the joy, and giving them toys will bring more happiness to their lives.

Christmas Cat Scratching Post

Christmas Tree Scratching Post

When it is Christmas, it is fun to decorate the house with some cat furniture. Give the old and boring scratching post a break during the winter season, and buy one of these scratching posts that look a little bit like a Christmas tree.

  • The scratching post is easy to assemble and the tools are included.
  • The measurements are 38-inches D x 38-inches W x 50-inches H.
  • 9 Cat toy ornaments are included.
  • The post is made from high-quality materials, and the cat loves how it feels to scratch.
  • The nap pads on each of the four tiers are soft and the cat loves to lay on them.
  • The nap pads can easily be cleaned by using the washing machine.

I bought my version of this Christmas tree scratching post from Amazon, You can check out the current price, and if they have them in stock by following this link.

Organic Catnip Candy Cane

Candy Cane Toy for Cats

Many cat lovers know, that a cat loves catnip. If you have never tried to give your cat some catnip, then this candy cane toy is a perfect Christmas gift for your cat. The candy cane comes in the festive colors of red and green, and the inside of it is filled with organic catnip. The candy cane is made in the USA, and you can purchase your own by following this link.

Christmas Stocking Cat Toy Gift

Christmas stocking filled with Cat Toys

Are you unsure about what your cat would love to get as a gift, then pick this stuffed Christmas stocking with a mix of cat toys? You will quickly figure out which toys your cat loves the most and having a wide range of toys, will also keep your cat interested in playing different games with you. The toys you get are balls, mice, plush toys, sparkles, bells, and crinkle balls. The price for this bundle is good, but it seems to change from time to time, you can check out the current price by following this link.

Natural Cat Toys

Christmas Gift Box for a Cat lover

If you want to save the environment from all that plastic, but you still want to give your beloved cats a great Christmas gift? Then you should consider buying this box filled with natural and organic toys for your cat. Natural and organic toys do not need to be boring, they can be a lot of fun for both you and your cat.

Each one of these toys has been made from wood, sisal, elastic, and feathers, which will limit your footprint on the environment. These cat toys are long-lasting, and some of them will probably last for years, even though the cat plays with them every day. The gift box is made by the natural pet company, and you can easily order one from them on Amazon, this link will take you right to it.

Cat Scratching Post & Toy

Heart-Shaped Scratcher with balls

Your cat will go absolutely crazy over this toy, my own cat can chase these balls for hours, and it is a perfect cat toy for a cat that has a lot of energy. The heart-shaped scratcher is made from recycled cardboard and put together with non-toxic glue.

While it is made from cardboard, the quality of the toy is so good that it will last for a long time. There are no sharp edges and it is safe for your cat to stick its paws into the holes to chase the balls. This cat toy is to my knowledge only sold by Nittis, you can check out their product page on Amazon, by using this link.

Organic Catnip, Premium Blend

Organic Catnip

This jar of organic catnip is one of the best on the market. It’s 100% natural and organic, it’s freshly grown, and it is MADE IN THE USA. Your cat will go nuts when they smell this catnip and roll around on the floor on it. If you put some of this catnip in one of the cats’ toys, they will be ready to play. The company that sells this jar with catnip is named Cat Crack, a very fitting name. You can find it on Amazon, here is a link to them.

Handmade Hooked Cat Christmas Stocking

Handmade Christmas Stocking for Cats

The cat is part of the family, and of course, the cat should have its own stocking. There are many Christmas stockings to choose from on the market, this one is my personal favorite. If you do not have a cat, then this could be a great gift for a cat lover, and a Christmas gift that they have not thought about. This particular stocking is only available on Amazon, this link will take you right to it.

Cat Christmas Stocking Hanging Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking for Cats

Another cute Christmas stocking for a cat is this large paw-shaped stocking. The design is available in both blue and red, and it is made from plush polyester and cotton. They are sold by the Company AerWo, you can check out the current price, by following this link.

Cat Christmas Hat

Christmas hat for Cats

If you are dreaming about dressing your cat up for Christmas? Then here is your opportunity to do so. This cute hat fits on any cat or small dog’s head. But be careful, it’s not all animals that like to play dress up, so think about your cats’ personality. You can purchase this hat from Petleso, this link will take you right to it.

Changing Lighted Cat Christmas Tree Figurine

Christmas ornament with Cats

If you are looking for Christmas ornaments with cats? Then this ornament and the next couple of Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers might just be something that you are looking for. This ornament is a fully decorated Christmas tree with cats that have been hand-painted. The ornament has small LED lights that change their colors if you insert two AA batteries. The ornament can be purchased from Collections Etc, you can check out this and their other products through this link.

Cat Garden Gnome Statue

Cat Christmas decoration for the garden

If are you tired of all the gnomes running around your neighborhood, then buy this cat from Mark & Margot, to show them what you think about their gnomes. Do cats really eat gnomes? This one for sure does seem to do.

Sleeping Cat Statue

Cat Christmas decoration for the garden

This is another cute cat decoration for the garden by Mark & Margot. It’s a sleeping cat with gnomes sitting on top of it playing music and eating.

Black Cat Ornament w/Scarf

Christmas tree decoration

Decorate your Christmas tree with cats. This Christmas ornament is a cat with a scarf. You can choose between a black cat, a white/red/black cat, or a red cat. You can check out the different cats from this seller on Amazon.

Hanging Cat Christmas Ornament

Hanging Cat for the Christmas tree

It is not all cats that look cute when they hang on the Christmas tree, but this one is an exception. This cute little Christmas tree ornament is 3.75 inches of cuteness, and it is sold by the company Department 56.

Cat Lights Hanging Ornament

Hanging Cat for the Christmas tree

Another cat hangs from the Christmas tree, this time it hangs in the light chain. It’s another cute cat ornament from Department 56, and definitely, an ornament that most cat lovers would love to own.

Walking Present Cat Christmas Hanging Ornament

Cat Ornament for the Christmas tree

I love this ornament, just look how adorable the cat looks walking around wrapped like a present. If you are a cat lover you really should get this or one of the other cat ornaments from Department 56. I promise that you won’t regret it, I definitely have not.

Christmas Cat Ornament

Glass-blown Cat ornament for the Christmas tree

If you have a cat that loves to run up and down your Christmas tree, then this one is not for you. However, if your cat knows how to behave then you should add this one to your collection. This ornament has been hand-made by using an old crafting technique that dates back to the 1800s.

It might sound like the ornament is expensive, but it is actually very affordable. The price varies a bit, you can check out the current price from the seller Old World Christmas, by using this link.

Christmas Brooch Pin with Cats

Christmas Charm with Cats

Are you tired of the same Christmas charms year after year, and do you love cats? Then this might be just what you are looking for. This is the perfect Christmas charm for a cat person, and a piece of fun jewelry to use at the office Christmas party. You can order it from Amazon, by following this link.

Jingle Bells Christmas Cats Ears

Christmas Cat Ears

Are you tired of the Christmas hat, and are you a cat lover, then get this headband with cat ears for Christmas. It’s a fun and cute alternative to the Christmas hat, and you still spread the joy of the festive season where ever you go. The headband fits everyone no matter if you are a kid or an adult, you can see more details about it on Amazon, here is a link to it.

Cat Dad Coffee Mug for Cat Lovers

Best Cat Dad Ever

This is a funny mug and a great gift for a cat lover. The drawing is printed on both sides of the mug, and you can use the dishwasher to clean it if you want. The mug is also available as Best Cat Mom ever, check out the seller on Amazon for more details.

Fashionable Cat Carrier

Cat Carrier for Medium Cats

Are you going on a journey to visit your family for Christmas, and looking for a good cat carrier, then I would like to recommend this one. This cat carrier has been approved by the majority of the airline companies in the US.

The bag is easy to carry, and the cat seems to enjoy laying inside it. Sometimes when I forget to put it away when I get home, the cat will somehow find its way into it, I guess my cat really likes the carrier. The carrier is easy to clean, and should your cat get nervous and pee, then you can just remove the pad and wash it in the washing machine. You can order it directly from Petisfam on Amazon, here is a link to their page.