Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market in Odense 2022

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Would you like to experience Christmas as it was held in the good old days? The good news is, you can, because, in the city of Odense, Denmark, they have the annual Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market as it was held in the 19th century. The Christmas market is taking place in the streets where the famous author Hans Christian Andersen grew up.

Hans Christian Andersen has written many fairy tales, that have been translated into more than 100 languages, and children around the world have enjoyed reading for many years.

The houses in these streets are all dating back to when Hans Christian Andersen lived, and today regularly people with their families still live in them. It is only the house where Hans Christian Andersen grew up, that is being used as a museum.

Walking in these ancient streets during Christmas is like walking among your ancestors in real-time, and enjoying how a Christmas market could have looked in the 19th century in Denmark. Although it should be said that this neighborhood was very poor when H.C Andersen was living here.

The H.C Andersen Christmas market was started in 2004 for the first time, and every year more and more people attend this lovely market.

The market atmosphere has a mixture of Christmas music from the barrel organ, and the sweet smell from the many food stalls around the marketplace.

What can you buy there?

At the many food stalls that are placed around the marketplace, you can buy all kinds of old classic Danish and northern Europe Christmas treats.

Just to mention a few of the many treats that you can get here, Brun kager, Peppernødder, gløgg, julekonfekt, Marcipanbrød, Æbleskiver. Many of these treats have no English translation, and that is just another reason why you should come and try them for yourself.

Christmas market activities

Throughout the market and in nearby locations, there will be some entertainment that is inspired by the many fairytales from H.C Andersen.

Good to know about H.C Andersen Christmas 2022

  • It takes place on Saturday and Sunday 3/12/2022 – 4/12/2022.
  • And on Saturday and Sunday 10/12/2022 – 11/12/2022.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Payment: Bring cash or use the App mobile pay. (not all of the stalls will accept cards).

Find the way

Sortebrødre Torv 5000 Odense, Denmark.

More info on the webpage.