Awesome Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

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I have made a list of some of the most awesome Christmas lights for your outdoor decoration. These Christmas lights will make your house stand out among all the other houses on your street. Some of the lights are solar-powered, so even if there is a blackout, you will still have your Christmas lights turned on.

Christmas Candy Cane Pathway

Candy Cane Pathway Markers

I love hanging candy canes on my Christmas tree, but I have a hard time letting them stay because I love to eat them as well. These candy canes are not for eating, but they do look pretty when they are decorating the pathway up to the front door.

These candy canes are 22-inch tall and have 6 light bulbs in each of them. The ones in the image are from Amazon, and they come in a set of 10 with some spare bulbs included, and they are relatively easy to change. This link will take you to the page of seller.

  • Set of 10 Christmas candy cane pathway markers for indoor/outdoor decoration.
  • Each candy cane has 6 bulbs and is 22-inch tall.
  • Hang them in the trees or set them up on pathways or driveways.
  • Short stakes are attached to each candy cane marker for easy installation.
  • Spare bulbs and fuse included.
Santa Claus Christmas Porch Light

Santa Clause Porch Light

If you are looking for a Christmas cover for your porch light, then you should consider buying this adorable Santa Clause Christmas light cover. It’s super easy to install, you just put the cord over your porch light and you are done. The Santa face admits some nice and warm colors that help spread the joy of Christmas throughout the neighborhood. They also sell them with a snowman face on Amazon, you can check both versions out from the seller’s page, here is a link to it.

  • No Tools or Installation are Required.
  • Dimensions: 10″W x 12-1/4″H.
  • Weather-Resistant.
200 LED Christmas Lights

Warm White and Snow White Christmas lights

Where I live it is always very dark in the winter months, and your whole body starts to long for the sun. That is one of the reasons I love to decorate my house with Christmas lights and fill up my entire garden with warm and cozy lights. It’s amazon what Christmas lights can do to your mood when it is dark outside all the time, and I believe the lights help me with my winter depression.

  • 200 Warm or Snow colored LED lights.
  • Extendable 66 ft in length.
  • Waterproof.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor.
  • 8 Functions: (Combination, In waves, Sequential, Slow Glow, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady on).

They are really easy to install, and you can change between 8 functions if you get a little bored with one of them. Another thing that I like about this LED light string, is that you can connect 5 strings together, which makes it much easier to control a wide range of lights. I bought mine from twinkle star on Amazon, you can check their page out by following this link.

Reindeer & Sleigh Acrylic Christmas Light

Reindeer & Sleigh Christmas light decoration

I love this adorable Christmas decoration for the garden. The reindeer and sleigh are lit up with 240 cool white LED lights. The decoration uses batteries, but it can run on the same batteries for about two weeks if you have them for 18 hours a day. The decoration is easy to set up, and you can order it directly from their Amazon page, by using this link.

  • Reindeer H27” x W16” x D14”.
  • Sleigh H14” x W20” x D11”.
  • Requires 3 x Type D Batteries.
  • 6-Hour Timer.
  • Fully Weatherproof for Outdoor Use.
Santa Gift Box with Christmas Lights

LED Gift Box with Santa inside

This little cute Christmas decoration can be used inside the house or placed in the garden. Personally, I like to have it on my front porch, it’s a bit too expensive for me to leave out sitting in the snow by itself. The decoration is easy to use, you just plug it into an outlet, and the LED lights turn on. If you want a Christmas decoration that your friends or Nabors don’t have, then this will probably be a good choice. I have not seen it for sale in any stores, so I ordered mine from this seller on Amazon.

  • 18 built-in LED lights.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Christmas decoration.
  • Water-Resistant.
Meteor Shower Christmas Lights

LED Icicle Lights

Get the attention from the neighbors that your Christmas decoration deserves by using these icicle lights. The icicle lights are incredibly beautiful when they hang from a tree in the front yard, they add a whole new dynamic to the decoration. I’ve used icicle lights from the local store, but they are really not that great compared to these lights.

These LED icicle lights are a lot brighter as in BRIGHTER, and they were definitely worth every cent that I paid for them. I bought them from BlueFire on Amazon, this link will take you right to them.

  • 10 tubes, 50cm per tube, 54 LED per tube (total of 540 LED lights).
  •  Tube Length: 50cm (19.68 inches).
  •  Tube Diameter: 1 cm (0.39 inch).
  • 360 degree.
  • Waterproof.
  • Available in blue, white, multicolor, and warm white.
Twinkle Star Christmas Lights

LED Star Lights

These star-shaped lights are not only great for Christmas, but also for birthdays, weddings, July 4, or literally any fun party during the year. You can use them inside the house or in your garden, and you can choose between 9 different effects, so you really can set the mood for what you want. I ordered mine from this seller on Amazon.

  • 100 LED
  • 49 FT.
  • Waterproof.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor.
  • 9 Functions (Combination, In waves, Sequential, Slow Glow, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady on, Off).
  • Available in white, multicolor, and warm white.
Solar String Christmas Lights

Solar String Lights

Add a little Christmas romance to the garden with these pretty solar light balls. The warm lights from these solar lights are really nice and cozy when it is cold and dark outside. They are also great for summer parties or a romantic dinner in the garden. They seem to be of high quality, and I had no problems so far with them. So I highly recommend that you order it from this seller on Amazon.

  • 40 LED lights.
  • 19.7 FT.
  • 7.9 x 5.9 x 4.7 inches.
  • Waterproof.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor.
  • 8 DIFFERENT LIGHTING MODES. Flashing, twinkle, waves, sequential, slow-glow, chasing, slow fade, and steady on. Choose a favorite, or change the mode to suit your mood.
  • Available in warm white and multi-color (dragonfly).
500 Colored Christmas Lights

Multi-colored LED Solar Lights

If you want to be more environmentally friendly during the winter months, then LED solar lights might just be what you need. These multi-colored LED solar lights are pretty neat, not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also very flexible, and you can wrap them around trees, garlands, or your boyfriend if he has been naughty.

  • 500 LED lights.
  • 165 FT.
  • 8 modes: combination, firefly, wave, fading, chasing, fading slowly, twinkle, and always-on.
  • Waterproof.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor.

The solar lights are easy to use, and you can set a timer for when they should be on and off. The lights work for about 8 hours a day, which is fine, and you will have the lights on until you go to bed. Solar lights are normally pretty pricy but I found this one on Amazon, and it was within my budget. You can check it out yourself if you want, here is a link for it.

Artificial Pine Wreath with Clear Lights

Wreath with Clear Lights

Buying a wreath each year can be an expensive thing to do, and unless people come up to your door and start smelling your wreath, they won’t know if it is a real wreath or a fake one. If you purchase a good artificial Christmas tree it will last for many years, and the same thing goes for an artificial wreath.

A wreath has many benefits besides saving you a bunch of cash, it’s also fire-resistant, and if you are allergic, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of having a real one. If you want a pretty and high-quality wreath, I would recommend that you choose this one. The National Tree Company makes many great products that last for many years in my experience, and you can buy them directly from their sales page by following this link.

  • 50 LED lights.
  • Trimmed red berries, pine cones, holly leaves, and snow.
  • Fire-resistant and non-allergenic.
Outdoor Nativity Scene with Warm Lights

Outdoor Nativity Scene with LED lights

Fill your garden with the true spirit of Christmas, with this easy-to-put-together outdoor nativity scene. The LED lights shine nice and bright even from a great distance, and it’s a perfect centerpiece for an outdoor Christmas decoration. This nativity scene does only seem to be available from this seller on Amazon.

Merry Christmas Banner

Merry Christmas Banner

Are you tired of all this happy holiday nonsense? Show your pride as a Christian and wish everyone who drives by a Merry Christmas. This is a large banner 9.8 x 1.6 feet, so anyone will notice it, especially if you have Christmas lights around it.

The Merry Christmas banner is made from high-quality polyester so it can take a beating in the wind. If you don’t have a garden to place it like it has been done in this picture. You can just hang it on your house, or place it on your roof. This Merry Christmas banner is ONLY available at Amazon, you won’t find it anywhere else. The price is also pretty good, at least if you use this seller.