19 of The Cutest Pink Christmas Trees & Ornaments

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In recent years pink Christmas trees have increased in popularity, and the traditional Christmas colors like red, white, and green have in some homes been replaced with millennial pink. If you are a traditionalist and have thought about getting a pink Christmas tree, then small baby steps could be a good way for your journey into Pinkmas.

The best thing about having a pink tree is that it can be used all year round. Decorating it with ice cream ornaments for National Ice Cream Day, or cotton candy for a festival, are just two examples. The imagination is really the only limit for a pink tree. You have to shift your mind to thinking pink and be creative and new ideas will slowly start to form. Having a pink Christmas tree in the living room is like being in a fairytale with Princesses and Queens.

Remember to order your pink Christmas tree EARLY, and before they are out of stock. Pink Christmas trees are unique, and while the demand is increasing year after year, the amount available in the stores does not seem to have caught up. Make sure you purchase your tree in early to mid-November, if you want to have a pink Christmas this year.

Unique Pink Artificial Christmas Tree 6ft

Unique Pink Artificial Christmas Tree

This is a 6ft pink Christmas tree that is guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone immediately. If you want to break free from the traditional chains of a red, white, and green Christmas, then this tree is definitely a safe choice.

This pink Christmas tree has plenty of pretty pink branches to hang all of your ornaments. The artificial tree is made from very high-quality PVC materials that will last for many years. The tree is safe to use, it is non-flammable which means it will reduce the risks of fire. Another benefit of an artificial Christmas tree is that it is non-allergenic. If you suffer from an allergic reaction to certain trees or plants, then an artificial tree is probably another good reason to pick it.

The tree is easy to assemble or take apart, and the stand for the tree is already included. See the rest of the details, the overall dimensions, and the current price on Amazon, by following this link.

Rose Red Christmas Tree Skirt

Pink Christmas Tree Skirt

This pretty pink skirt will look really cute under any pink Christmas tree. It is made from polyester with glitter that sparkles when the lights are on. The skirt is 48 inches in diameter and has a 5-inch center opening for the tree. You can see the rest of the details and the price, by following this Amazon link.

Pink Pair of Ballet Slippers

Pink Ballet Slippers Ornament

These are the cutest ballet slippers for the Christmas tree, that I have ever seen. They come in two different colors, and versions, pink ballet slippers, and rose-colored ones. The Christmas ornament is special, it has been made by using techniques that originate in the 1800 century when Christmas ornaments were made from glass that was mouth-blown into finely carved molds.

This adorable Christmas ornament would make the perfect gift for a ballerina. Most people who have bought it rate it with five stars, which is understandable. You can order it by using this Amazon link.

Pink Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pink Christmas Balls

When decorating a pink Christmas tree, we can’t go down on accessories. If you have a cat as I do, you might hesitate with having Christmas balls on your tree. However, these do not only look amazing, but they are also shatterproof. Each pack has 24 balls in 4 different pink colors, and 4 styles, shiny, matte, glitter, and drenched, that adds a bit of diversity of color to your tree. I ordered my balls from Amazon, here is a link to the seller I used.

Sparkling Purse & Jeweled Heel Christmas Ornament Set

Sparkling Purse & Jeweled Heel

If you love to dress in pink, then you got to own these two pink Christmas ornaments. They come as a set, with a golden string attached for hanging it on the tree. If you have a special girl in your life, this might be a nice gift for her, you can order it on Amazon, by using this link.

Pink Ribbon with Roses Glass Christmas Ornament

Pink Ribbon Christmas Ornament

The glass-blown pink ribbon with roses is one of those unique gifts that a girl might not have thought of. It was made by using an old European crafting method from the 18th century. The pink ribbon has been hand-painted and the glitters on it sparkle when the Christmas lights are on. The ornament is made by a company that is known for its high-quality, yet affordable prices. It is easy to order, just use this Amazon link.

Pink Christmas lights

Pink LED lights

These pink lights are not only great for Christmas, but also for Valentine’s day. Oh, who I am kidding, use them every day, they will last up to 100.000 hours. The lights come with a 3-year warranty, and they are shattering resistant, which means it does not matter if your cat climbs your tree. They also have them in green for St. Patrick’s Day, you can see the rest of the details on Amazon, by using this link.

Unicorn Christmas Ornament

Pink Unicorn ornament

Who says that pink unicorns are not real? This unicorn was designed by Debra Nielsen in 2019 as a Christmas tree ornament. The unicorn has incredibly fine details and is one of those keepsake ornaments that people love to collect. It even comes in a neat little box, which is excellent for gift-giving, and you can order it from Amazon, by following this link.

Pink Classic Car Christmas Ornament

Pink Christmas Car Ornament

This pink car is absolutely adorable, and it would be a wonderful gift for anyone who is into a 1950s vintage look. It has the perfect size for an ornament for the tree, not too big, and not too small. If you like to decorate your tree with pink ornaments, then put this car on your wish list. The ornament is hand-painted, and the glitters sparkle so pretty on the tree. You can easily order it online, by using this Amazon link.

Pink Christmas lights for Indoors & Outdoors

Huge String of Pink LED lights

If you just can’t get enough of the pink lights, then you need this 100ft string with 300 LED lights. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it is big enough to decorate an entire tree in the garden. The LED lights are of very high quality, and it even has a multi-function so you can choose between constant light, slow flash, fast flash, slow fading, and fast fading. The pink lights can also be used on Valentine’s day, to set the mood for a nice evening. You can find it on Amazon, by using this link.

Shinny Glitter Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

Shiny Pink Glitter Snowflakes

These might be small sparkling glitter bombs, but they are beautiful. They are made from plastics, however, they do not look or feel cheap. The box that I bought had plenty of pink snowflakes, in fact, I think it had 24 pieces, which is more than enough for my Christmas tree. You can see the price and more images on Amazon, by using this link.

Kurt Adler’s Dancing Clara Christmas Ornament

Dancing Clara Christmas Ornament

If you love dancing, then a dancing ballerina for the Christmas tree might be something for you. This ballerina was made by Kurt Adler and is a collector’s item. The ornament is made of resin and has a golden string to hang it on the tree. It is only 5-inches tall, and it is actually pretty cheap, less than $10. You can order it from Amazon, this link will take you to the page.

Kurt Adler’s Pink & Purple Sugar Plum Floral Ballerina

Pink Ballerina Ornament

This little cute sugar plum is the perfect gift for anyone who is collecting Kurt Adler ornaments. The ballerina will look adorable on a nutcracker tree, especially if it is pink. I would advise you to order it in November if you can since you might run the risk of it being sold out. This link will take you directly to the product page on Amazon.

Pink Artificial Christmas Tree 6ft with Metal Stand

Pink Christmas Tree 6ft

The National Tree Company makes great Christmas trees, and the pink tinsel tree is one of my favorites. This tree is fire-resistant and non-allergenic, and it even comes in other sizes, you can get a really little cute one at 2ft or 3ft. The tree has a metal stand included, you can see more images and read the rest of the details on Amazon, by following this link.

Pink Mini Christmas Tree With Ornaments

Pink Table Top Christmas Tree

A good way to take small baby steps into a pink Christmas is to buy a small tabletop tree. This little cute Christmas tree is only 12inch tall and comes pre-decorated with bows and baubles. The branches are flexible, and you can easily bend and shape them so you get the desired look. The tree makes an excellent gift for people who love pink or are into vintage, you can find more info about it on Amazon, by following this link

Pink Artificial Glitter Poinsettia

Pink Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornament

This is another glitter bomb, but it is gorgeous. These Poinsettia ornaments come with wires on the back, which makes it easy to attach them to the Christmas tree. There are 12 in a pack, so if you have a 7ft tree you should order 3 packs to get the most out of them. They look great on pink Christmas trees, and the glitter makes them sparkle so nicely in the evenings. You can get them shipped directly to your door if you choose to purchase them from Amazon, here is a link to the seller that I used.

Handmade Funoasis Christmas Gnome

Pink Christmas Gnome

If you have Scandinavian heritage, then you should really get one of these gnomes. Actually, we don’t call them gnomes in Scandinavia, where they are either called a Tomte or a Nisse. The short version of a Tomte is that they are house spirits, and stories about them go back many thousands of years.

They are pretty cute with the pink hat and could be used as decoration all year round. Every one of them has been handcrafted using environmentally-friendly materials. Because of this, they are all unique, and their size and weight will vary a bit. They are a great gift for someone who has everything, one of those annoying people that never has any wishes… They are pretty cheap, less than $8, and TOTALLY worth it. You can order it on Amazon, by using this link.

Barbie Christmas Tree Topper

Barbie Angel with lights

Are you tired of using a star for the Christmas tree? Then this Barbie angel with white lights might be something for you! This cute tree topper was crafted by the artists Debra Nielsen, Katrina Bricker, and Robert Hurlburt. Every single one of these Christmas tree toppers comes in a pre-packaged box, which also makes it easy for gift-giving. They are in demand and you should order it while they have them in stock, you can purchase them from their Amazon shop, by following this link.

Pink Christmas Cards With Vintage Santas

Christmas Cards with pink Santa Claus

A tradition that is slowly dying out, is the tradition of sending a Christmas card to your loved ones. I think it is a bit sad since this is a good way to show that you think about them. This package includes 10 cute pink vintage Santa Claus with envelopes. Inside the card, it says ”Merry Christmas”, just like it should. The cards are really cute, and they are MADE IN THE USA! They are printed on-demand to reduce waste to minimize the environmental impact. Companies like these should be supported, you can purchase these cards from their Amazon page, here is a link.