Pink Gamer Girl Gifts

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If you are a pink gamer girl, or if you have a girlfriend that is, then you will love this HUGE list of pink gamer girl gifts and ideas. If you are really serious about making a pink gaming setup, then you need to put some of these items on your Christmas or birthdays list. My list covers everything that you will need for your pink gamer setup. Which headset, mouse, and gaming chair you should get? Let’s get started!

Pink Gaming Headset with CAT ears

Pink Gaming Headset

Every pink gamer girl needs a gaming headset with cute cat ears. This headset is not just very comfortable to use, but you can also adjust it to fit your head perfectly. Another nice thing about the headset is that the chord is pretty long, there is nothing worse than a too-short chord if you know what I mean. The chord has a USB stick, so you can use it for PC or PS4 which is perfect.

  • The headset is noise-canceling so you don’t get disturbed while gaming.
  • A microphone to yell at the annoying n00bs… Don’t they know GRLs are the best?
  • Very high-quality sound to hear when they try to sneak up on you!
Pink Razer Gaming Headset

Pink Razer Headset

This pink headset is a bit more expensive than the other one, however, the quality does also seem to be a lot better. The sound of the games and the music is really great, possibly a bit better than the previous one, although this one has no cat ears. The headset has a USB stick so you can literally use it for both PC, PS4, Xbox, and even for your smartphone. You can check out the rest of the images, they have them on Amazon, here is a link to it.


Pink Headset Stand with USB Hub

Having your pink headset laying on the table is not really a good idea. Accidents happen all the time and you can be so unlucky that you somehow tip over a glass of water and possibly ruin your expensive headset. That is why I recommend getting a headset stand, that not only looks cute but is very practical. The headset stand is made by Razer, which means that it is of high quality, and it would make a great gift for any gamer girl. This link will take you right to the product page.

Pink Razer Gaming Keyboard

Pink Gaming Keyboard

I don’t know about you, but I need a keyboard that is super comfortable when I play my games, which is why I chose to buy this one from Razer. I like to play at night when it is dark, but I don’t want to have my table light on, because the light affects my screen. That is why I am very happy that this keyboard has built-in lights, so I can see which key I am pressing. Another thing that I like about the keyboard lights is that you can pick ANY color or color combination that you like.

I also like the fact, that the keys are programmable, which means that you can make them do something else than what they normally do. It is also possible to make a macro key, some games have repetitive tasks which are a bit annoying, but you can just program a button to do it. If you want the best of the best for either yourself or as a gift, then this is a really good keyboard. You can buy it directly from their shop on Amazon, this link will take you right to it.

  • 100% customizable RGB lights, I mostly use all pink (Sometimes rainbow colors).
  • Available in white, black, and pink (pink is obviously the best). 😉
  • Programmable Macro Functionality.
  • The keys are made so you can press them FASTER, saving ½ a second means a lot in gaming.
Pink Razer Gaming Mouse

Pink Gaming Mouse

Something that really means a lot to me, is how the mouse feels in the hand. You use it for so many hours every day, that it should feel like holding a good friend in your hand. I can assure you that this pink mouse is one of those I wouldn’t mind holding with my hand for many hours. It is also a very fast mouse, and easy to use. I am a right-handed person myself, but one of my friends uses her left hand for gaming, and that is really no problem at all with this mouse it just has a nice grip to it.

You can bind buttons for whatever you want them to do, in the game, or just when you chill on the computer doing other stuff. You can easily change the colors on it, there is software that is so easy to use my mom sometimes annoy me with changing the lights on my mouse. You can buy it from their shop on Amazon here is a link to it.

  • Gaming mouse for left and right-handed uses
  • RGB lights, choose ANY color that you want.
  • 8 Programmable Buttons.
  • High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor.

Pink Steaming Microphone

One thing that really is annoying when I want to use a microphone is the noise from my computer or the fan that I use doing the summer. It was not before I started to use this microphone that I was able to get rid of the unwanted noises. Buy this pink microphone for your girlfriend if she is a gamer like you, and you won’t regret it, you can do it from Razer on Amazon, here is the link.

  • Reduced unwanted background noise.
  • SUPER clear audio would be great for streaming.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in pink, white, and black.
Pink Leather Mouse Pad

Pink Leather Mouse Pad

This huge mouse pad is great if you have trouble keeping your mouse on the small ones. Another thing that I like about this desk pad, is that I can use it when I make drawings. The mat is really thin, so it’s just as if I were using the table without it. You can order it from Amazon, here is a link.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Protects your table from scratches.
  • Waterproof.
  • Available in pink, white, black, blue, light green, bronze, and silver.
Large Pink Leather Gaming Chair

Pink Gaming Chair

A pink gaming setup really has to have a pink gaming chair, or I won’t call it a pink setup. This gaming chair is not only very comfortable, but you can also adjust it very easily to fit your size, no matter if you are a small or tall girl. Have you ever heard about a gaming chair with a massage function? Well, you have now. This gaming chair has a massage function in its back pillow, which feels really nice when you lean back on it while chilling in the chair. The gaming chair can be purchased from Amazon, here is a link for it.

  • The gaming chair is easy to assemble (don’t worry).
  • It’s made of high-quality leather.
  • Massage function. 😉
  • Easy to adjust the chair.
  • Maximum capacity: 350 pounds.
  • Available in pink, blue, black, and red.

Blue light glasses in pink

If you have tendencies to get a headache when you are using the computer, it can be because of the blue light from the screen. The blue light from the screen can also lead to eye fatigue or cause insomnia. These glasses are excellent for blocking blue light, so you limit your risk of suffering from the above conditions. I use them every day, and I think they are differently worth it, and they are actually not that expensive, you can get your own pair from this seller on Amazon.

  • Blocks blue rays.
  • Fully transparent vision.
  • UV protection.
Desktop Gaming Computer with Pink Lights

Gaming Computer with pink lights

This is a really good computer for an affordable price. The computer is SUPER quiet, and you won’t hear any sound from it unless you play something on ultra-high settings. If you have a daughter or a girlfriend that loves gaming, then this computer will make a good birthday or Christmas gift for her. You can see more images on Amazon, by following this link.

  • AMD RYZEN 3 1200 4-Core 3.1 GHz (3.4 GHz Turbo).
  • A320M Motherboard.
  • 1 TB 7200RPM Hard Drive.
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Video Card.
  • 8GB DDR4 2400 Gaming Memory.
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
  • 8 x USB (2 X USB 2.0; 6 X USB3.0).
  • 500 Watt 80 Plus Certified High-Performance Power Supply.
  • 3 x 120mm In Win Polaris RGB Quiet Fans.
  • Including a money and keyboard.
Pink USB Wired Game Pad Controller

Pink Game Pad Controller

This gamepad controller is pretty good for its price, I only paid about $15 for it. I would call it a budget-friendly controller, and it’s good enough for playing games on my PC. The cord is a little short, so make sure that you can connect it close to where you want to use it. The price jumps up and down, you can see the current price by following this link to the product page.

  • Compatible with the Xbox 360 and PC.
  • Available in pink, blue, white, black, and red.
Pink Cell Phone Stand & Tablet Stand

Rose Gold Cell Phone Stand

When I sit at my computer, I still want to see my messages from my phone. That is why I love this little gadget because I can just put my phone next to my computer screen, and easily see when I get a message. I also sometimes use it for my tablet, so I can see one of the guides that I use when I am gaming. You can see more images of the phone stand, by following this link.

Pink Wall Charger

Pink Wall Charger

If you need to charge both your phone and your power bank at the same time, then this pink wall charger is really great. Sometimes I am in a hurry and need them both charged fast, so I use this wall charger, I got it from Amazon, and this was the seller I used.

Pink USB Charging Cords

Pink iPhone Cables

What else should the color of your iPhone cables be other than pink? These cables are not only pretty, but they also are fast charging and help transfer the data very fast from your computer to your phone. You get five cables in 3 different lengths which is nice because then I can take the short ones with me, and let the long ones stay at home. You can get this 5 pack from Amazon, here is a link to the seller that I used.

LED Pink Desk Lamp with USB Port

Pink LED Desk Lamp with USB Port

When I sit at my desk to do some drawings it is not enough light from my computer screen, so I use my cute little USB lamp. The lights from the lamp are not pink, but white which is what I want. The lamp is actually very good for its price, I think that I gave around $14 for it, you can see the current price through this link. The USB port in the lamp can be used to charge your phone or tablet, but also your power bank if you have such a device.

Pink Led Lights for the Gaming Room

Pink Decorative LED lights

By now you really should know that I love pink! I also like to decorate my room with pink lights around my mirror or at my desk. I use these pink LED lights all year round, and I had them for almost a year, and they function without any problems. One day I spilled some water on my light string, but they still worked fine anyway. I bought mine from this seller on Amazon.

  • 100 micro super bright LED lights on 33Ft long ultra-thin copper wire with 3 inches distance between LED bulbs.
  • Power Adapter: DC 5V, the power adapter is included.
  • Water Resistant! <-

Cute Black / Pink Mug

This mug is really cute, and if you have a girlfriend or a gamer daughter they will absolutely love this mug. It is black when it is cold, and turns pink with a happy face when it has a warm beverage in it. On the back, it says ”I am always right”, which is a bit funny if other people stare at you when you enjoy your coffee or tea. I bought one for one of my friends for Christmas, she was very happy about it, we always buy small gifts for each other, and this one is pretty cheap. I ordered mine from Amazon, but you can probably get it elsewhere here is a link to the seller that I used.

Pink Stainless Steel Bottle w/Straw Lid

Blush Pink Stainless Steel Bottle with Straw Lid

I often use this bottle when I am out driving in my car, you can use it for cold or warm beverages. In winter I like to have green tea in my bottle, I often get cold when I am out driving, so it is nice to have some warm tea to drink. The bottle is a 32 oz bottle, which is enough for me, you can also order a 24 oz bottle, this link will take you to the seller.

  • Your beverages will stay warm for 12 hours, or cold for 24 hours.
  • Available in blush, arctic, lilac, midnight, onyx, and teal.
Cute Pink Poop Emoji Pillow

Pink Emoji Poop Pillow

You have probably seen these in brown, but they are also available in pink, at least from this seller on Amazon. This pink emoji pillow is really nice and soft to hug after a long day, there is nothing better than to have this poop pillow next to me when I watch something on my TV.

The pink emoji poop pillow looks really cute when it sits on my black couch, I think this pillow would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for a gamer girl. The quality and softness are something that you will notice straight away, and I doubt you will be displeased with them.

Pink Gamer Girl Makeup Case

Pink Makeup Case (Reusable)

I had this pink makeup case for quite some time now, and I can’t tell you enough how glad I am that I bought it. It is nice to have all your makeup in one place, so you don’t have them laying around on multiple tables. Oh and if you are a guy, and tired of your girlfriend doing that. Then you should buy this makeup case for her, you can get it from this seller on Amazon. Makeup is expensive enough as it is, and we would not mind if you help us once in a while with buying it.

  • Makeup included in the case:
  • Pro Eyeshadows, Face Powders, Blushes, Lipsticks, LipGloss.
  • Concealer, Eyebrow Powder, Eyebrow wax, Face Primer, Body Glitter, Brush.
Stainless Steel Gamer Keychain Set

Stainless Steel Gamer Couple Keychain

Who is your player 2 in your life? This cute little keychain is a nice gift if you have a gamer girlfriend. The keychain is made from stainless steel, which means that it will never fade, just like your love (hopefully). I don’t have a player 2 in my life at this moment, but I still bought one from Amazon, I used this seller.

Gamer Girl Christmas Ornament

Gamer Girl Christmas Ornament

Put your own little something on the Christmas tree this year. The ornament looks really neat, and it sparkles among the other ornaments when the Christmas lights are on. The gamer ornament is ”MADE IN THE USA” and is of high quality, something that you can feel when you touch it.

This sparkling little ornament would look great on a silver Christmas tree, personally, I use a pink Christmas tree, but you could probably have guessed that. If you want to give this Gamer ornament to a friend, then you should order it from Amazon because it comes gift-ready, this is their product page.