The Most Beautiful Red Christmas Trees & Ornaments

In Decorations by Einherjar

Are you tired of all that green Christmas stuff, and would you rather decorate your entire house in red, then this list might give you some inspiration. Find that sparkly red Christmas tree that you have been dreaming about, and impress your friends with your own style.

Red Sequin Tinsel Christmas Tree 5ft

5ft Red Christmas Tree

This red Christmas tree is perfect for small places, and it doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional tree. A lot of artificial trees are often difficult to assemble, but this tree can be put together in minutes. This red Christmas tree sparkles so pretty in the light if you decorate it with one of your lights. This tree is to my knowledge only sold on Amazon, here is a link to it.

Handmade Large Christmas Tree Skirt

Red Christmas tree skirt

A red Christmas tree should really have a beautiful red skirt underneath it. This red skirt is 50-inches in diameter and is made from faux silk with a double-layer gold edge, and green leaves at the edge. The red, green, and golden colors look gorgeous and add a cozy Christmas atmosphere to the room. This red tree skirt is only sold on Amazon, you can check it out by following this link.

Shatterproof Red Christmas Ball Ornaments

Red Christmas Balls

If you want to celebrate a red Christmas, then you should not forget to buy red Christmas balls, but which ones should you choose? Well, I would recommend getting these red balls, they come in four different shapes, and are either shiny, matte, glittery, or waved.

Something that I really love about these red balls is that they are shatterproof, I can’t count on my hands how many of my favorite Christmas balls that have been broken over the years. You can purchase Christmas balls in almost any store during the festive season, but these ones are only available from Amazon, here is a link to them.

Red Glitter Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

Red Snowflakes

These shiny and glittery Christmas snowflakes are among my favorites to decorate my windows or tree with. However, be careful if you buy them and get the box, they are like glitter bombs. I ordered mine from IPEGTOP, here is a link to them.

Red LED Christmas String Lights

Red LED Christmas lights

No red Christmas can be without the red Christmas lights. These lights from YULETIME, are some of the brightest and warm lights that I have ever had. They have a very long lifetime and last up to 50,000 hours, so you will be able to use them for many years to come. You can order a set from their shop, here is a link to them.

Red Star String Lights 

Red Christmas Stars

Want to decorate your garden with red stars for Christmas? Then you should consider getting these solar-powered red star lights. They will charge all day long, and when it gets night they are ready to shine until you go to bed. Another thing that I really love about these stars, is that they are waterproof, so I can use them even when it is raining. I don’t know if you can buy them in your local store, but I ordered mine online from Windpnn, you can check out their page by using this link.

Mini Tabletop Artificial Christmas

Mini Artificial Christmas tree

Do you want to dip your toes into celebrating a red Christmas? Then this mini artificial Christmas tree might just be a good starter item. The tree is pre-decorated with red berries, gold ornaments, and built-in LED lights. It’s a cute little tree that can be used at home or at the office and will spread festive colors in a dark and cold season. The tree is very affordable, and you can order it online from the seller’s store.

Red Flameless Candles

Red Christmas Candles

Decorate your Christmas dinner table with these flameless candles, and create a lively and cozy atmosphere. These fake candles use CR2032 batteries and last up to 100 hours, and the best thing about fake candles is that you won’t inhale toxic fumes like the real ones. Fake candles can be bought pretty much anywhere, but these ones in red are only available from this seller.

Red Reindeer with Stars Pillow

Red and White pillow covers

Decorate your couch for Christmas with these red and white pillow covers. The red color is very vibrant and they look absolutely gorgeous on my couch. Many of my friends have complimented me on the pillow covers and asked me where I got them, and my answer is the same as you, they are sold by CaliTime on Amazon, here is a link to them.

Red Luxurious Glitter Pillows

Red Glitter Pillowcase

These red and sparkly pillowcases are also a great choice for the Christmas decoration on the couch. When you order them online, from the official Kevin Textile store you get two pieces on each order. The pillowcases have been handmade, which is actually something that you can feel when you move your hand over the pillowcase.

Red Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments

Red Glitter Poinsettia

Want something red and sparkly to decorate your Christmas tree with? Then you should pick up a pack of these red poinsettia ornaments. They really look like you are having real flowers growing on your tree. You can also get them in other colors if you order them online from Crazy Night.