Ugly Christmas Cat Sweaters for Men and Women – Top 10

In Clothes by Einherjar

What do cats have to do with Christmas? I say everything when it comes to ugly Christmas Sweaters. No matter if you plan to go to a party at the office or to a party with your friends, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater with cats should really be mandatory.

We all know that one friend, who somehow always manages to find the ugliest Christmas sweater, year of year, that is annoying… But I got good news for you, now it is your time to shine. Everyone will definitely notice you with one of these ugly sweaters with Christmas cats.

An ugly Christmas sweater is also a great gift as a secret Santa, that is if you dislike the person. Just imagine the persons’ eyes, when they unwrap their present in excitement, just to see an ugly sweater stare back at them. PRICELESS.

A bunch of Christmas cats staring at your friends, will it freak them out?

Trigger your vegan friend with this ugly Christmas sweater with pizza and pepperoni.

Cats on flying pizzas through space, can it be more christmasly, I think NOT!

Christmas cats flying in hyperspace, will they make it to planet earth in time?

Christmas cats chilling in space, will you chill with them? Get the ugly sweater before Christmas.

A green and ugly Christmas sweater with jumping cats, will they jump on your Christmas tree?

Did you please your cat with enough Christmas presents? No, you can never buy enough gifts for your cats

This cat will stare intensely at everyone, will it annoy them?

Lots and lots of cats and Christmas ornaments, no matter where people look, there will be a CAT!

Some cats wear glasses, does it make them look smarter? Of course, it does!