White & Silver Christmas Trees & Ornaments

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Are you tired of all the green and red, and do you want to try something different? Then a Christmas full of silver and sparkles might just be what you have been looking for. All Christmas decorations should at least have some silver mixed into the decoration. If you take a look at this list, you may get inspired and find new and exciting silver and white ornaments for your living room.

Silver Sequin Tinsel Christmas Tree 5ft

5ft Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

A big silver tree that sparkles in every direction of the room, may not be something for everybody, but it is unique and pretty to look at. It’s easy to assemble the tree, and it should not take you more than a few minutes to do so, even for a beginner. Having an artificial Christmas tree that you can put up year after year, is a great way to save a few extra bucks if you are on a small budget. I have not seen this tree being sold in my local store, and if you are unable to find one near you as well, then you can just order it online from Joy-Leo.

Snowy White Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt

White Christmas Tree Skirt

This tree skirt will make your tree look like it is standing in a pile of snow. The tree skirt is made from luxury faux fur and it is 48-inches (122cm). Will your tree keep this gorgeous skirt for itself? Or will your cat spend the whole Christmas season laying on top of it? I like the atmosphere that the skirt adds to the room around it, it just feels cozier and Christmasly. The tree skirt is not sold in any stores to my knowledge, you can only order it online from Amazon, here is a link to it.

White Curtain Christmas Light – Fairy Light

White Curtain Christmas lights

Decorating your curtains, a wall or your garage with these lights will definitely help cure your winter depression. The winter is long and dark, and we need all the light that we can get. There are 304 icicle-shaped LEDs divided into 19 strings. You have the option to change the pace of the lights with a controller that is so easy to use, that I think anyone can operate it. According to the company, the lights should last up to 40.000 hours, but they come with a 12-month warranty if something should happen. You can order these Christmas lights from Torchstar on Amazon, here is a link to them.

White LED Christmas Fairy String Lights

White Cool Christmas lights

Decorate your entire house with these white and cool Christmas lights and spread the joy of Christmas in your neighborhood, I can’t guarantee that your house will be seen from space, but it will look pretty. The lights are sold by Ollny, you can visit their store through this link.

  • 66 feet cool-white string with 200 advanced LED blubs.
  • Environment-friendly only has a voltage of 29 V.
  • The light blubs has a low temperature, which makes them safe to use.
  • UL Certified plug-in transformer.
  • You can choose between 8 settings with the controller: Combination, Sequential, Slow-Mo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, and Steady On.
  • Choose when the lights should be on and off with the remote controller.
  • Linkable and waterproof.
White Meteor Lights Decorations

White Christmas Rain Lights

Adding white rain lights has become more and more popular in recent years. The rain lights or meteor lights whichever you want to call them, add a nice atmosphere to the Christmas decoration, and they will definitely catch the attention of the people walking by your house. Most advanced and up-to-date rain lights with a modern design, only available from Eagwell on Amazon. On every order 10 tubes, 20 inches per tube, 54 LED lights per tube. You can read more about the lights in their store, by following this link.

• Transparent Meteor/rain shower lights
• Environment-friendly and low power consumption.
• Can be seen from every angle (360 degrees).

Snowflake Waterproof Solar Christmas Fairy Lights

White Snowflake lights

I love to use these cute and solar-powered LED snowflakes for one of my outdoor decorations. I do not just use them around Christmas, I like to have them up most of the winter season. The quality is pretty good, and the solar pads can capture enough sunlight so I can have them on for 8-10 hours every day.

You also have the option of using one of the 8 Different Modes setups (Flashing, twinkle, waves, sequential, slow-glow, chasing, slow fade, and steady on). I bought mine from Inngree, you can check out their store through this link.

Glitter Snowflake Ornaments Christmas Tree Decorations

White Snowflake with glitter

Just because we want a white Christmas, it doesn’t mean that we can’t use a lot of glitter around the house. These sparkly snowflakes are pretty neat, and I love to hang them in the windows and on the Christmas tree. When you buy them on Amazon you get a big pack of 36 snowflake ornaments, instead of the tiny bags from the local store. The price always varies a bit, depending on the season, you can check out the current price by using this link.

Sequin Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree 5ft

5ft Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

Do you love when the whole room sparkles during the evenings? Then a Christmas tree in silver might just be something for you. I’ve never had one myself, but I can only imagine how it would reflect the colors from the Christmas lights around the living room. You can buy this unique tree on Amazon, this link will take you right to it.

Tabletop Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

Tabletop Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

If the 5ft silver tinsel tree is too big for your taste, then this little tabletop silver tree might be a better option. Personally, I like the small silver tree more than the big one, but everyone has their own preferences. You can order it from the same shop as the one above, here is the link.

Snowy White Mini Table Top Christmas Tree

White Tabletop Christmas Tree

A little white tabletop tree is a great decoration idea for one of the small tables in the living room. The tree is only 12-inches tall and does not take up much space. The tree is pre-decorated, but you can add a few ornaments to personalize it if you want. The tabletop tree is sold on Amazon, you can read more about it by following this link.

Frosted White Mini Artificial Christmas Tree

Mini Christmas Tree with snow

This cute little Christmas tree is a great ornament to use on table-sized Christmas decorations. The tree feels quality, and the colors on it look very authentic. You get 6 of them if you order it through Amazon, you can check out the current price by using this link.

Willow Tree Bright Star Angel

White Angel Figure

This handmade and hand-painted angel figure is the perfect decoration for the Christmas dinner table. Every original piece has been carved by the artist Susan Lordi from Kansas City, MO. There are also other different designs available to choose from, you can check out her entire selection from her shopping page, here is a link to it.

Shinny Glitter Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

Silver snowflakes

Decorate your windows and your Christmas tree with these shiny snowflakes from IPEGTOP. However, be aware they have lots of glitter on them, but if that is something you love, then these are a perfect Christmas ornament for you. There are 24 snowflakes in each pack, and the hooks and strings are included.

White Snowball Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments

White Snowball Ornaments

A lot of people love to throw snowballs at each other during the winter season, but now we can also decorate our Christmas tree with them. These shiny snowballs are shatterproof, something that is great for us who have cats, or children running around, or are just in general clumsy. No more stepping on broken pieces of glass in the middle of the night, just hangs them right back on the tree. The snowballs are available in 2.36 inches, 3.15 inches, or 4.72 inches, and you can order them directly from Amazon through this link.

Silver Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments

White Poinsettia Ornament

A Christmas tree decorated with white poinsettias can look really cute. These are not only white, but they have a lot of glitter on them as well, so they look very shiny when the lights are turned on. The poinsettia is 8.6-inches (22cm), and there are 12 pieces in each pack. You can also pick another color if you want, they are available in blue, gold, pink, red, white, and silver if you order them from Crazy Night.

White Frosted Glass Candleholders

White LED candles with a snowflake

The LED candles are great for decorating the dinner table or the table in the living room. The candles have a warm color, and people won’t even notice they that are fake candles. One of the benefits of using a fake candle is that you won’t feel up in the room with toxic particles, something that many people have an allergic reaction to. The LED candles are pre-decorated, and you get them exactly how they look when you order them from the official seller Banberry designs.

Artificial White Christmas Pine Tree 7ft

White Artificial Christmas Tree

What is a white Christmas without a white tree? Three great things about this tree, it looks real at a distance, the white color looks amazing, and the price is pretty good for such a nice tree. The Christmas tree is made from high-quality PVC material, and the metal stand is included. You can buy this tree from this seller on Amazon, or check out the post about ”14 GREAT Tips for Choosing the BEST Artificial Christmas Tree”.

Artificial White Christmas Pine Tree 7ft

White Pencil Christmas Tree

Do you live in a small apartment, or need a thin tree for a tiny space in the house? Then this 7ft white pencil tree might just be what you are looking for. This artificial Christmas tree is very easy to assemble, and it has built-in LED lights which makes it very user-friendly. Some of the benefits of an artificial tree are that it is fire-resistant and non-allergenic, and you can store it until next year. You can order this tree directly from the National Tree Company here is a link to them.

Snow Flocked Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree 7.5ft

Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

The pine trees in the forest always look so pretty when they are covered in newly fallen snow. Of course, you can’t bring one of those trees into your house or the snow would melt, but you can buy an artificial tree that looks just like it.

This artificial tree is available in three different sizes, 6ft, 7.5ft, and 9ft. The tree has pre-strung lights, that look warm and cozy when they are turned on in the evening. You don’t have to worry about setting it up, it is pretty easy, and you should be able to do it in 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of the tree. You can order it online from Best Choice Products by following this link.

Unique Ivory White Knit Christmas Stockings

White knitted Christmas Stockings

What is Christmas without white stockings to hang at the fireplace? These stockings are made in a decent size, so you can put small gifts inside them for your loved ones. You can choose between two different sizes 14-inches and 18-inches, and they are available in either a 2-pack, 4-pack, or 6-pack. They are made by the company Kunyida, and you can order them by using this link.

Christmas Pillows with Reindeers

White and Red Christmas Pillowcases

Decorate your couch with these white pillowcases with a red reindeer. The pillow covers are 18 x 18 inches and can be machine-washed. They are also available in other colors, you can check out their entire selection on their sales page, here is a link to them.

Snowy White Luxury Christmas Table Runner

White Table runner

If you are looking for a table runner for your dinner table, then you might be interested in this snowy white faux fur table runner. It’s really well made and it adds a nice winter atmosphere, especially if you decorate the table runner with some Christmas ornaments.

The table runner measures 15 x 72 inches, and you can easily place two or three next to each other so they look like one piece. These snowy white table runners can be bought on Amazon, you can check out their current price by following this link.

White Handmade Scandinavian Tomte

Swedish White Christmas Tomte/Gnome

The Swedes love to decorate their apartment with these small Christmas ornaments called a Tomte. A Tome is a house spirit in the local folklore, and the story about them goes back thousands of years. The Tomte is also known in other parts of Scandinavia, and in Denmark, they are called a Nisse.

If you have roots in Scandinavia or just want to decorate your house with traditional Scandinavian Christmas ornaments, then you might just like this little cute figure. You can choose between a few different colors, for instance, white, red, and gray. Check out their current selection from their sales page on Amazon, here is a link to it.

White Handmade Scandinavian Tomte

Swedish White Christmas Tomte/Gnome

This is a little smaller version of the popular Tomte. Each of these little guys has been handmade, and new designs are added each year to the selection. Bring the ”Hygge” (coziness) from Scandinavia into your home this winter season, and purchase a Tomte from Amazon.

White Santa Claus Ornament

White Santa Claus

If are you tired of the traditional Santa Claus dressed in red, then this white one might be a nice change. You can hang this ornament on the Christmas tree, or use it as a decoration at the table. You get 4 of them in each pack, so you can spread them around the house. You can, of course, also get it in red if you prefer, order the ornament at the beginning of the season so you have them in your hands before Christmas.

Santa Claus Standing Figurine

White Dancing Santa Claus

If you are looking for an adorable and dancing Santa Claus then you will love this Christmas figurine. It’s a fun ornament, and something different than the typical decorations that you see around a house. If you want to bring a fun gift to a dinner party, then I would recommend one of these. You can purchase them on Amazon, here is a link to them.

Snowflake Window Decal Stickers

White Snowflakes for the windows

Windows are often overlooked, but even windows can be decorated for Christmas. These white snowflakes come in a huge pack of 232 pieces, which should be enough for an entire house. They are not reusable, however, they cost almost nothing anyway. You get 33 different styles of snowflakes, so it is not just 232 of the same thing.